In Timber Creek Lodge episode 6, the Texans enjoyed the lakes of Whistler.

Comfortable travel can mean taking some of the comforts of home with you, and that’s exactly what our Texas guests did in Timber Creek Lodge episode six. It’s the little things like being served your favourite dish at dinner after a big day of exploring a place new that can make your trip extra cozy. Not everyone in Whistler that can accommodate these requests, but the Gibbons Life concierge team is designed to cater to specialty requests that make your trip that much better. According to our guests, “Texas is the bestest” and although we can’t confirm an entire state, the guests from Texas in Timber Creek Lodge episode six sure knew how to have a fun while in Whistler!

A Texan Welcome

With the Texas flag flying and Texas-made tequila stocked in the bar, the Timber Creek Lodge crew threw on their new cowboy hats and got ready to welcome the southern guests for Timber Creek Lodge episode six. Louise is always great at giving the guests the rundown on where they are, which mountains are which and what amazing experiences are in store for them! After instilling the FOMO (fear of missing out) in all of us, Louise leads them to the kitchen where they enjoy a delicious southern inspired dinner. Without skipping a beat the Texans headed out for a special night of Vodka tasting at the coldest tasting room in the world! At a sub-zero temperature of -32C, the Ketel One Ice Room is sure to be an experience you won’t forget! Don’t worry too much about the cold, as Canada Goose down jackets are supplied for all who enter the ice room to keep you toasty while testing a range of vodkas of your choosing!

Up, Up and Away

We’ve heard the saying “everything is bigger in Texas” before and we wanted to make sure that our guests had the biggest view possible of Whistler to meet their large expectations. A helicopter was clearly the answer! The crew loaded up with Blackcomb Helicopters for a heli picnic in the Whistler backcountry. A gourmet feast was prepared on a mountaintop while the group feasted their eyes on the 360 degree views. Every trip with Blackcomb Helicopters is unforgettable, especially when you let the Gibbons Life team customize it to cater to your group specifically. And don’t think that helicopter rides are limited to picnic tours, there are so many options for Whistler heli rides and adventures. You could even try your hand at Whistler heli biking and boarding – on the same day!

The iconic red Blackcomb helicopter makes its ways across a blue sky.

Up and away. Helicopters open up endless possibilities for adventures in Whistler. Image: Abby Cooper

Hiking Adventures

Craving even more adventure? Maybe of the human-powered sorts? Well Whistler has lots of great half-day hikes and walking trails that lead from one beautiful location to the next. We highly recommend wandering the Lost Lake Trails on your next visit. If you want even more, link up with the Valley Trail network and keep wandering to another of Whistler’s five gorgeous lakes including Green Lake, Alta Lake, Alpha Lake, Nita Lake and of course Lost Lake. Or, if you want all the fun of a lake adventure without the crowds, check out our Whistler local secrets.

Hiking one of the many trails in Whistler's vast trail network.

Adventure awaits. With the power of two legs (or four!) you can explore the beauty of Whistler. Image: Abby Cooper

A Drama-Filled Final Night

As we saw in Timber Creek Lodge episode six, a tricky part of travel is trying to accommodate everyone’s individual agendas. Sometimes the best solution is to divide into groups based on objectives. For the Texan’s last night in town some of the crew went to Buffalo Bills for a few games of pool and a couple of beers. Meanwhile, the rest of the group opted for a relaxing night at home and a bit of girl talk. Ideally girl talk and mellow nights don’t always equal so much drama for your group, but at least it was entertaining to watch from your own comfy couch right?!

We’re antsy to see what happens in the next episode! Mostly for the adventure, but things left a little unsettled so we’re itching to find out what happens to Mark! See you next week with the recap!


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