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We are looking to collaborate with Sea to Sky artists. Exhibit in one of the most recognizable locations in Canada.

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The Longhorn Saloon light towers are temporary contemporary digital art installations which aim to inspire and uplift people of all ages and interests. At a time when the public is overwhelmed with closures and restrictions this free light tower art installation is a refreshing addition. It is one that symbolizes our community coming together and showcasing our mountain towns extraordinary creative talent.

Community involvement is a key component of this light tower installation. By showcasing photography, fine art, videography, and digital art, the potential for collaborations is unlimited. Through partnerships with various organizations in Whistler, we hope to give exhibition access to artists of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Current Artist Collaborations

blake jorgenson gibbons community lights project photo

Blake Jorgenson

I believe images are made, not taken. Pushing the shutter is the ultimate reward for all the planning, research, technical understanding, field experience that led to that moment. I’ve spent the last two decades creating shots with the power to inspire, to stop people in their tracks and in that time, I’ve come to understand that photography is less a solo endeavour than a creative collaboration of production teams and other creative professionals. This brainstorming of ideas and concepts and the subsequent journey of figuring out how to bring these concepts to life is the process of photography for me, and the energy that continuously fuels my creative drive.

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chili thom gibbons community lights painting

Chili Thom

“Your experience in nature depends on how you choose to position yourself within it. My art acts not only as a form of escapism, but also as a tool to deepen appreciation for the natural world in which we are all inextricably connected.

My process is about discovering and creating layers of patterns that combine together to create a colourful vibrating 3D landscape, similar to the contour lines on a map. This technique allows the eye to blend all of the components in a progression of colour and form that make sense only when viewed as a whole. I attempt to covey a feeling of complex simplicity on my canvases, which speak of the importance of cooperation between all the individual components, analogous to how all individuals on the planet must work together with nature to in order to achieve a harmonious result.”

Chili 🌶

Artist Website

blake hobson photography gibbons community lights project

Blake Hobson

My photography is a bi product for my love of the outdoors.

Being outside with mother nature is where I feel most at home and where so much beauty is to be found. I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world around me ever since I was a child, and the move to Canada from Australia was to follow that fascination. The diversity of landscapes, wildlife, and the seasons are what makes Canada the place to be for a photographer like myself.

I use photography an extra motivator to get out, try new things, and to see the world. I nearly feel incomplete if I was to go any sort of hike, expedition, or just a day out with friends without my camera. Having photos to look back on, in however many years to come, of a moment that brought pure joy to me at that time is beyond priceless. This is why I love this form of art.

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