The content goal for Gibbons Life is to inspire people to visit, explore and enjoy all that Whistler has to offer. Started in 2014 by local peeps, we revel in the fact that we live in one of the most awesome places on the planet, and we hope you’ll join us. Our contributor and editorial team has been picked for their passion, adventurous spirits and ability to craft a damn good story – we think you’ll find this shines through.

The venues, restaurants, activities and services featured on Gibbons Life are chosen by our editorial team, simply because we think they’re awesome. Not because they give us free food or tours – we’re not obliged to give favourable reviews if we didn’t truly love it. Although we won’t slate it (we’re lovers not fighters) it won’t make it into our posts or videos. That’s because our brand voice is built on four elements: Be Real, Celebrate the Good Times, Inspire and Create WOW Factor. We ask our contributors to think of these elements each time they craft a story because we believe these are the building blocks for cool storytelling.

Because we have to put food on the table (and beers in the fridge), you will see content that’s marked “partner content” when we work with appropriate brands to produce content together. At times we might also link to products we think are cool, but the people developing these links are not the writers themselves – we like to keep these camps separate.

As we’re a local business we believe in giving back. We contribute to the large Gibbons Whistler giving initiatives such as helping to fund the BMX track and World Ski and Snowboard Style Session event, and at a Gibbons Life level we assist with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, WNORTH Conference and International Day of the Girl. These are all initiatives we believe keep Whistler a varied, dynamic and incredible place to live and visit. When our community thrives, we do to.

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Thanks for reading,

The Gibbons Life Team