Jager bombs were featured in the Timber Creek Lodge season premiere.

Well hello, Timber Creek Lodge season premiere! Way to kick the season off with some spice! We are excited to finally watch Timber Creek Lodge, the new Whistler-based show from Bravo that shows off not only the gorgeous place that Whistler is but also so many of the amazing activities that you can do here – and of course to catch a little bit of lodge life drama. Each episode follows the daily lives of the Timber Creek Lodge crew and the lodge guests on their adrenaline pumping highs, the not so glamorous aspects of the job and just about everything in between. We hope each episode leaves you not only entertained but inspired to try something new on your next Whistler visit because we think our backyard is too good not to share!

Episode One: Meet the Staff

The whole team meets each other for the first time in the season premiere and the initial judgements, reactions, impressions, whatever you want to call them are made. Made by each staff member and you the viewers, that is! So let’s keep it simple, name and title, here is the crew!

Lodge Manager: Katy
Assistant Lodge Manager: Jamie
Chef: Nikita
Senior VIP Mountain Host: Mark
VIP Mountain Host: Colston
VIP Mountain Host: Cynthia
Head of Housekeeping: Louise
Housekeeping/Guest Services: Jenna
Lodgehand: Blake

Timber Creek Lodge Bravo

Meet the team. The Timber Creek Lodge crew with Joey Gibbons.

Bar Hopping Around Whistler

The team hustled and bustled around the lodge figuring out who is responsible for what while gearing up for their first set of guests. With the bar stocked with Deep Cove Brewing bottles and Jager bombs waiting, the Timber Creek Lodge staff welcomed a crew ready for nothing less than a wild bachelor party weekend. Of course, when you start the evening with a Jager bomb you can only guess where it might end up. After a few more rounds at the lodge, the guys headed into the village for a Bar Hop experience of a lifetime! To hear more about what is included in a Bar Hop or to book your own, check out our blog: Your Guide to Bar Hop: An Epic Whistler Club Crawl. You can also contact Gibbons directly for VIP options at any of our venues or to add your crew to a guest list for a night on the town. We can even arrange amazing accommodations with a relaxing Jacuzzi for your après Bar Hop experience if you book your next Whistler trip with Gibbons Life.

Expect good times on a packed dance floor during the Bar Hop Whistler.

Good times on the dance floor. There’s plenty of good times to be had with Bar Hop Whistler.

Having a Heli of a Time

It was a little touch and go in the morning after a big night, but the troops rallied for a day of heli-skiing! But not without adding some retro touches first! What a fun way to take a once in a lifetime opportunity and make it unique to their crew. Here in Whistler, the best heli-ski operation in town (in our eyes) is clearly Whistler Heli-Skiing! With seemingly endless terrain, playful staff and beautiful birds, thanks to Blackcomb Helicopters, there isn’t a better choice.

If Whistler heli rides and adventures sound up your alley, be sure to check out our blog post and our video on Whistler heli-biking and boarding on the same day!

Gibbons Life helicopter on a snow covered mountain in Whistler.

Heli of a time! Gibbons Life and Whistler Heli-Skiing take you to new heights when exploring Whistler. Image: Abby Cooper

The Timber Creek Lodge Season Premiere Is Only the Beginning

Jamie, the Assistant Lodge Manger, says “Another day in paradise” and he couldn’t have been more on point. From making a slip and slide to a heli bump into the alpine, this bachelor party knew how to make Whistler their own! We can’t wait to see how the rest of their trip plays out. Tune in each week to check out our recap of the previous night’s episode and learn how you can make Whistler your own.

See you next week after episode two!

Brittia Thompson