Everyone can have a fun time at the Longhorn, just like the ladies in Timber Creek Lodge episode 7.

The sexual tension is clearly contagious at the lodge! Not only does the Timber Creek Lodge team see its fair share of relationships highs and lows with Cynthia and Joel’s new found romance and the harsh end of Jenna and Mark’s relationship, but the guests seem to stir things up too! Ah, the drama! I suppose with a girls getaway and a bromance weekend happening at the same time in the same place it was bound to happen! Things just started to rev up at the end of Timber Creek Lodge episode seven leaving us with a mega cliffhanger. Is it next week already?!

With the two varying agendas of the guys’ and girls’ groups, Timber Creek Lodge episode seven was a hectic one for organization. Luckily everyone (so far) has gotten along well enough to enjoy meals and down time together at the lodge. Hopefully, that keeps up through the next episode for our staff’s sake!

A Classic Whistler Girls’ Getaway

On Timber Creek Lodge episode seven, the ladies ditched their normal responsibilities to sneak away to the mountains for a bit of R&R, indulgence and a hint of mischief! There was no time to waste, so they headed to the slopes right away. If your group has a similar ability level, snagging a group lesson for a refresher is a good idea. Or, as in the case with this group, our Gibbons Life reps can also show you a how to have a good time on the slopes – although we cannot guarantee they will lose the same amount of clothing as they did on Timber Creek Lodge episode seven!

There is nothing that goes down smoother than après at Longhorn Saloon, not even your lines carved on the hill. It’s the perfect hang out spot to soak up the sun, admire the slopes you just conquered and unwind after a big day on the hill with your crew. What happens après après? Jacuzzi is the only answer! And that my friends, is exactly how your first day of vacationing in Whistler should go.

Ladies taking a selfie over après at the Longhorn.

Girl time. Après at the Longhorn is perfect for hanging out with your besties.

Adrenaline-Fueled Adventure for the Guys

While the girls kept things “Whistler Classic”, the boys went for something a bit more off the wall, or should I say off the bridge. Whistler Bungee is quite the experience for first timers or bungee addicts! It’s not on every bungee bridge that you’ll be able to leap into a steep rock walled canyon and soar above a raging glacial fed river! These guys quite literally took a jump into their first day in Whistler! And, there’s nothing like a bit of après to settle the adrenaline. The guys enjoyed drinks at home while they crushed on the lovely Nikita and her cooking ability before meeting the girl crew for the first time. With high hopes of snowboarding the next day, hopefully, they don’t take this après too far!

Whistler Bungee in winter

A leap of faith. For guys and girls, Whistler Bungee is an exciting way to kick off your holiday. Image: Emily Serrell, Whistler Bungee.

As the night kept spinning, the heat escalated between the lodge staff and the lady crew! Only next week will tell us what really happened, and we’re waiting on the edge of our seat to find out! Any predictions!?

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