Aside from a little bit of household drama, Timber Creek Lodge episode four is all about class and living it up on a Whistler luxury vacation. This beautiful group may have brought high expectations for our lodge crew, but their stay was a one of a kind experience that we – thank goodness – could deliver on! From custom kitchen concoctions for breakfast to wild group activities, there isn’t much that the Gibbons Life team can’t make happen!

Whistler Heli-Skiing

Nothing says Whistler luxury vacation like heli-skiing, especially when you take it up a level and head out on the day of your arrival! This close-knit group of friends arrived ready to tackle the pristine skiing offered by Whistler Heli-Skiing, and tackle they did! With a whole lot of grace, might I add! Heli-skiing or boarding is something every skier or boarder should experience at least once! With 432,000 acres of gorgeous big mountain terrain, Whistler Heli-Skiing’s accessible terrain is fifty times the size of Whistler Blackcomb, and I know that’s hard to imagine, so you should probably just go and see it for yourself! For more aerial escapades, check out these Whistler heli rides and adventures for inspiration.

Unloading the chopper and ready to embark on a Whistler heli-ski adventure.

Up and away. Whether skiing, boarding or something else entirely, helicopters take your Whistler luxury vacation to the next level. Image: Abby Cooper

Fine Dining at Bearfoot Bistro

To match the experience of heli-skiing, it’s expected that one will have an equally phenomenal dining experience, and there is nothing better than dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro for your Whistler luxury vacation! The Bearfoot Bistro is known for it’s impeccable wine pairing with locally sourced cuisine. Each plate is created by award-winning Executive Chef, Melissa Craig. Enjoy the culinary experience with your own group of friends, and keep in mind that if things escalate the Bearfoot Bistro also has a sub-zero Ketel One Ice Room for sampling vodka, as well as Champagne savouring experiences!

Saddle Up for a Whistler Horseback Ride

A not so common but an oh-so-lovely Whistler thing to do is to go for a horseback ride! It’s a not something that most think to do in our parts, as we’re most known for our snowy adventures, but this is truly a unique way to see some untouched areas around Whistler. It’s social, relaxed and adventurous, not to mention a really great group activity!

Luxury Relaxation for the Mamma-to-be

The lovely pregnant sister of the trip booker in this episode enjoyed a few activities of her own! She was treated to an in-home spa treatment for a relaxing morning while the rest of the bunch went heli-skiing. Here in Whistler we have so many spa experience options it’s hard to choose, so sometimes a sample of them all is in order! For more details on where to spa in Whistler read our post Finding the Perfect Whistler Day Spa Experience.

Sauna relaxation at Scandinave Spa.

Relax in style. From in-home treatments to saunas at the Scandinave, relax your way in Whistler. Image: Abby Cooper

Gluten-Free Options A-Plenty

Another special request of the group was to accommodate for a gluten-free diet. While nearly all restaurants have multiple gluten-free options on the menu, there are a few local secrets for our non-gluten eaters out there that should be on your hit list!

  • Purebread: The name probably scares you, but this delicious, and I mean seriously delicious bakery has an abundance of gluten-free options.
  • The Green Moustache: Known for its juices and smoothies, this little gem also has yummy soups and salads that are gluten-free.
  • Bearfoot Bistro: See above for dining experience and enjoy a long menu list of gluten-free options.
  • Elements: Well known for its beyond tasty brunch options, Elements also has a fantastic tapas menu in the evenings.
  • Sushi Village: For more details on how awesome Sushi Village is check out our blog post on episode two!

For a Whistler Luxury Vacation, Think Gibbons Life

From BIG days out in the mountains to the down days of spa-ing and roasting s’mores over the fireplace, this gorgeous mountain town is an amazing place to visit for a Whistler luxury vacation. The list of things to do in Whistler is never ending and roll out into the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. From the best in fine dining to making fresh tracks on pristine slopes, whatever you’re looking for in your Whistler luxury vacation, the Gibbons Life team is ready to help make it your most memorable trip yet!


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Feature Image: Abby Cooper

Brittia Thompson