Whistler heli biking with Blackcomb Helicopters.

How do you even begin to describe the best day ever? With a video of course. Once again the Beacon Media Group absolutely blew us away with how they were able to capture all aspects of an epic Whistler heli biking and boarding day in the alpine. (If you haven’t seen them already, check out The Return of Summer,  Adventure is Waiting: Beautiful BC, and The Canadian Beach Party featuring more epic Whistler alpine activities.)

In all honestly, there are more than a few words to describe the heli of a day that accompanies this goose-bump-giving video. Get the dirty details on how this multi-sport shred day came to be and how to go Whistler heli biking before winter is here. But first, watch the video and let the FOMO begin!

Whistler Heli Biking

Before we can even dig into the full behind the scenes details, we have to brag about Blackcomb Helicopters’ new bike rack system. The new side loading rack allows for six bikes to be transported at the same time as their riders for one smooth heli drop to the trail of your choosing. Previously the industry standard was to drop the riders, then fly the helicopter back down to grab the bikes with a long line system to meet their anxious owners. Not only is the new system nicer on your bikes during their flight time, but it also takes less time and less fuel, aka more ride time for a better price – what’s not to love? We obviously had to try it!

We had the pleasure of exploring Mount Barbour and the Tenquille area in this video. The newly polished trail system is a tech rider’s dream. Getting dropped on top of the peak with 360 views that encompass multiple alpine lakes, glacial views, and endless mountain tops was a wicked place to start our journey. Starting the ride in the alpine soon lead us past a few tarns that just craved to be jumped into, so we figured, why not? Cliff jumping was the obvious method of entry! We chose the bluest one and went for a leap. Hopping back on the bikes we worked our way through beautiful alpine meadows, down ridge lines, past a waterfall and were pleasantly greeted by Tenquille Lake. The hut at the lake was a nice resting spot and the gorgeous lake was just begging to be swam in. The next section of the trail took us through multiple forests, showed off some serious steeps, and weaved us through an old burn before eventually popping us out in the Pemberton Meadows. It was a thriller and a half! Oh and if you can’t tell, we found some rouge snowboarders shredding up there, so we joined forces for a shred!

Want your own Whistler heli biking experience? These unguided one-way drops are $1100 for a group of five, $220 per person to experience what you see in the video – the Barbour and Tenquille dream! Mount Barbour is rated for advanced riders, features all-mountain trails and offers 6,350 vertical feet! Blackcomb Helicopters also offers Whistler heli biking trips to Rainbow Mountain for $625 for a group of five, $125 per person. The Whistler experience is rated for downhill experts and promises 5,000 vertical feet.

Stan Rey biking on Mount Barbour.

Rockin’ it! Stan Rey takes a moment to enjoy the epic views while biking on Mount Barbour.

Whistler Heli Boarding

Approaching a crew to go patch snowboarding in August? That was a funny invitation to give, but we just happen to know some people who are just crazy enough to love that kind of thing. The Wildcats are easily one of the most epic snowboard crews in history and were more than willing to get some sun-cupped turns in. We’ve been keeping close tabs on the Wildcats over the last two years, as they have been busy travelling the world and filming for their movie that will be premiering October 6th in Vancouver at Fortune Sound Club. You can bet that we will be there, especially after being reminded while filming this project just how hard these guys get after it on a snowboard! We can’t wait to see what the Wildcats have thrown down in their own film! (Check out our coverage of the Wildcats movie premiere here.)

Unlike the typical powder filled winter heli drops offered by Blackcomb Helicopters, this summer shred was a bit off the wall, but one incredible experience. What can you expect from a winter heli drop? POW! And with fall making itself present we’ve got snow on the brain. Blackcomb Helicopters supplies the top notch machines for Whistler Heli-Skiing, so for the ultimate heli-ski or heli boarding experience those are your guys – in winter!

Mountain biking and snowboarding with the Wildcats on Mount Barbour.

A bit patchy. The snow might be more plentiful but will your winter heli drop be this rad?

Creating Epic Whistler Memories

With an awesome day of Whistler heli biking and boarding, we’ve sent off summer and welcomed winter all at once. Whistler is a place where you really can do it all; your imagination is your only limitation. It’s what makes this place magical. Whether you’re crossing off a classic Whistler hike or crafting an out-of-the-box adventure one thing is certain; it’s hard to have a bad time in our backyard.

If you’re looking for more aerial escapades, check out these Whistler heli rides and adventures for inspiration. Or, if you’re ready to begin planning, our post on creating your own Whistler adventure gives you the lowdown on where to start for your next trip. Alternatively, forget the stress and let our expert Whistler concierge service book your next adventure for you. And don’t forget, keep us posted on your epic outings with the hashtag #thisiswhistler on Instagram.

Happy adventuring friends!

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.