Heli of a Time: Whistler Heli Rides and Adventures. Credit: Marc Dionne.

There is something magical about hovering above the mountains in a helicopter. The thudding propellers overhead make your heart pound with adrenaline as you climb inside. The height advantage and large windows create a visual feast for your eyes. But the best part of hoping in for a Whistler heli ride is knowing that it’s just the first step to an awesome day of adventure.

What other form of transportation can take you higher, deeper and offer an adrenaline rush while en route to something equally if not more amazing? Stumped? Us too. We’ve complied a list of unique helicopter experiences offered in Whistler — and can guarantee there are a few you haven’t heard of that you’ll be adding to your Whistler “must” list.

Heli Zip Lining

Yeah, that’s right, helicopter assisted zip lining. We did a double take on that too. The Adventure Group has a collection of helicopter-assisted experiences called The Inspiration Series.

Joey Houssian, founder of The Adventure Group, Superfly Ziplines and Wedge Rafting in Whistler tells us, “Most people have heard of heli-skiing but I think we might be the only ones in the world offering heli-ziplining. At The Adventure Group we have combined a breathtaking flight over Whistler where we explore glaciers, mountain peaks and lakes below before landing at the top of Superfly Ziplines. Step out of the helicopter and 5 minutes later you are flying with a friend on the world’s most spectacular backcountry zip lines at over a kilometer long and 600 feet in the air.” What better reason could there be for a heli ride in Whistler!

Flying up by helicopter and then soaring down by zipline sounds like an adrenaline junkie’s dream. The combined views from both experiences would make for the ultimate sight-seeing-soaring-adventure in Whistler!

Soar like an eagle after a helicopter delivers you to your zip-line launch-point.

Soar like an eagle after a helicopter delivers you to your zipline launch-point. Photo: Joey Houssian

Glacier Golfing

Golf lovers rejoice! Winter golfing exits in Whistler! It might not be on a green, or even a course you’ve heard of before, but we’re pretty sure you won’t mind. So, how do you golf in the winter? On a glacier accessed via helicopter of course! Imagine hopping out of a helicopter onto an ice cap spanning over 320 square kilometers for a round of golf. Once the helicopter has landed, your winterized golf cart, aka a snowmobile, will take you to your first T-off location. After golfing around the snow covered course with your geo-locating high tech golf balls, the snowmobile will take you to a driving range for a few final swings and a tasty lunch. We have the masterminds at Head-Line Mountain Holidays to thank for this creative helicopter experience.

Golfing on top of the world.

Golfing on top of the world. Photo: Marc Dionne – Head-Line Mountain Holidays

Ice Cave Exploration

For a Whistler heli-ride that leads to educational exploration, Head-Line Mountain Holidays has the answer. This experience starts with a scenic flight over Canada’s largest, southern most ice cap. Soak in the views of the glaciers, peaks and waterfalls below before getting up close and personal with the ice cap as you explore the ice caves from the inside. Your guide will fill you in on the areas history, wildlife and share interesting facts. Don’t forget the camera for this one!

In Whistler, you're only a heli ride away from amazing ice cave exploration.

In Whistler, you’re only a heli ride away from amazing ice cave exploration. Photo: Marc Dionne – Head-Line Mountain Holidays

Wilderness Spa & Hot Springs

Spa like you’ve never spa-ed before. These remote hot springs can only be accessed via helicopter. Enjoy a massage in the wilderness with all the comforts of the spa as the river trickles in the background. After your massage, enjoy the serenity of the remote natural hot springs and decadent appetizers. This heli experience offers the perfect balance of thrill and relaxation and is certainly one of a kind.

Ultimate exclusivity for a unique hot springs and wellness experience.

Ultimate exclusivity for a unique hot springs and wellness experience. Photo: Marc Dionne – Head-Line Mountain Holidays

Winter Glamping

Even if winter camping isn’t really your thing, we bet you won’t mind being waited on in a luxurious backcountry snow hotel. A heli tour starts the day by showing off the Whistler area before landing on the ice cap. The rest of the day will be spent exploring the beautiful settings by foot or snowmobile before settling into the comfort of your custom snow hotel. Don’t forget to peak outside of your cozy surroundings at night to soak in the starlit sky or maybe even spot a guest appearance from the aura.

Glamping doesn't even begin to describe this luxurious backcountry snow hotel.

Glamping doesn’t even begin to describe this luxurious backcountry snow hotel. Photo: Craig Mutch – Head-Line Mountain Holidays


This isn’t a rare item to include when taking about having a “heli of a time,” but a necessary one. Chances are, if you find yourself in Whistler in the winter, you’ve come here to ski or snowboard. Add a helicopter to that already delightful experience and you’ll be sure to have the best turns of the season. The views, the snow quality and the experience all make heli-skiing more than worth it. In Whistler, one thing is for sure, there’s no shortage of great heli-skiing operations, such as Blackcomb Aviation.

Heli-skiing: The classic purpose for a heli ride Whistler, and still one of the most epic.

Heli-skiing: The classic purpose for a heli ride in Whistler, and still one of the most epic. Photo: Mike Crane – Tourism Whistler

Let Us Book Your Heli Ride in Whistler

If you aren’t convinced that experiencing Whistler via helicopter is a great idea, the only thing that will change your mind is to do it! We aren’t saying you can’t have a great time with out a helicopter; it just won’t be a “heli of a good time.”

Next time you’re thinking of a Whistler trip, let our expert concierge services book you a heli ride in Whistler. Whether it’s to explore an ice cave, go golfing, or simply enjoy the spectacular views, rest assured it will be an unforgettable experience.

Want more epic helicopter adventures? Check out our video on Whistler heli-biking and boarding on the same day!

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.