Timber Creek Lodge Bravo

So many mixed emotions in this episode, whoa! Hard to believe it’s already Timber Creek Lodge episode eight and a full season has come to a close. The mountain-educed highs, the juicy drama and the exciting Whistler experiences have us craving more! But let’s not rush ahead to the end. First, we must recap on the season finale.

That Awkward Morning After

It seems safe to say that in Timber Creek Lodge episode 8 we were all anticipating an awkward morning to match the wild night that preceded it and that’s exactly what we got! Luckily the food was able to distract slightly – good work Nikita! We are big fans of brunch here at Gibbons Whistler, and you may not have heard, but this town is oozing with amazing brunch spots. For your hopefully not-so-awkward brunch indulgences on your next trip, check out our recommendations in The 6 Best Venues for Brunch in Whistler.

Waffles are a delicious Whistler brunch choice.

Start the day right. There are plenty of choices for brunch in Whistler – nothing awkward, everything delicious.

Spring Skiing

Without a reason to linger, the crews head off in separate directions for the day. The guys hit the slushy spring slopes for a good old fashion team shred! When it comes to spring skiing, it is usually the most social and can often lead to hilarious shenanigans because it’s nice outside with the milder temperatures. Warmer days mean you’ll spot a little less clothing on the slopes, so take a lesson or a laugh from our Guide to Spring Skiing Attire to learn how to dress or how not to dress for spring – you decide. Another awesome part about skiing or boarding in the spring? The longer days allow for so many activities! Make your normal ski day a multi-sport day in Whistler; it is much more attainable than you might think!

Aerial Adventures

For an experience unique enough to call their own, the ladies boarded a Whistler Air floatplane and headed to the remote shores of Anderson Lake. The area is home to private cottages and impressive views from the steep shoreline. A private floating dock was set up for their arrival with an array of bites and cocktails. Next on the pampering menu was a relaxing massage and I can’t think of a better outdoor location than a floating dock, talk about tranquillity at its finest!

Our friends at Head-Line Mountain Holidays are known for creating one of a kind helicopter accessed experiences including heli rides to hot springs and spa treatments, which are conveniently bookable with the Gibbons Life team. If you’re inspired by the aerial adventures in Timber Creek Lodge episode 8, check out the variety of  Whistler heli rides and adventures available.

A Night on the Town with Bar Hop

After enjoying their days apart from the two groups staying at Timber Creek Lodge, the team hit up Whistler for a night on the town! When it comes to sampling the Whistler nightlife, there is no better option than to Bar Hop! Bar Hop does the planning so you can spend your days playing and keep that fun energy rolling right into the night without worrying about logistics! Take a look at Your Guide to Bar Hop: An Epic Whistler Club Crawl for all the details!

Fun times for the fellas, partying in Whistler.

Getting rowdy. With so many venues, let Bar Hop take care of logistics so you can focus on fun.

Farewell Timber Creek Lodge

It wouldn’t be proper close to the season without a sendoff from the Gibbons Whistler crew! Notice that cool outdoor hangout spot? Well, it’s none other than the Canadian Wilderness Adventures base in the Callaghan Valley. If you end up on an adventure with Canadian, you’ll be sure to enjoy the hang out there!

While we’ve loved observing the drama unfold throughout the season, we’re happy to leave it with the show and take away the inspiration to continue to explore Whistler in new, exciting ways! Thanks for tuning into Timber Creek Lodge; we look forward to creating a unique Whistler experiences for you on your next visit!

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