With a pool table and relaxed vibe, Buffalo Bills is perfect for large groups.

Lodge life just reached a whole new level of hectic in Timber Creek Lodge episode five! Two groups of guests seemed like a test, but the crew kept things running smoothly. A family of four visited the lodge the same time as a group of party girls from Los Angeles, and we were all on our toes to see if the two groups would get along in tight quarters. Luckily for the team, the two groups enjoyed each other’s company and respected the other group’s priorities because they were indeed very different!

Not sure about yourself, but when I travel with a large crew, it can feel like we are split right down the middle with different objectives, just like the two separate groups in this episode. While a divided group isn’t always an ideal travel situation, if there is any place to accommodate a wide variety of travel objectives it is certainly Whistler. This place has something for everyone! In Timber Creek Lodge episode five alone our guests were able to experience a whole whack of different activities! Check out what they did below and maybe add a few of these ideas to the list for your next Whistler visit.

Cross Country Biking

The most well-known place to cruise Whistler on a cross country bike is without a doubt on the Lost Lake trails. Known for having bike trails at every ability level in a variety of lengths, you can’t go wrong by checking out the Lost Lake bike trails. If you’re in need of a bike rental stop by Cross Country Connection in PassivHaus, you’ll already be in Lost Lake Park, so it’s the perfect location to rent a bike from. You can also hire a guide from Cross Country Connection or Arbutus Routes if you’d prefer that someone show you the good stuff and pass along a few pointers while biking.

In Timber Creek Lodge episode five, the family of four had a great time while being shown some spectacular classic Whistler sights via bike. Keep in mind that these trails are rated, and if you’re experienced enough, you can be in for a real technical treat! Read more on biking in Whistler from our insider Joe Schwartz on our post, Essential Mountain Biking Gear List, or discover how biking can fit into your multi sport activities adventure here.

A couple of mountain bikers enjoying themselves on a cross-country trail in Whistler.

Fun times only. A wide variety of xc trail options means you’ll always find the trail that’s right for you.

Ski/Snowboard Lessons

You can’t mention Whistler and not mention the incredible skiing in our backyard. Whistler Blackcomb has some of the most impressive terrain in the world! Even if you can’t ski all of the terrain, you can still get out on the slopes or head up the mountain to sightsee. What will help you see more sights and shred more slopes is, of course, a lesson. Whistler Blackcomb has lessons for all abilities whether it is your first time, you’re just a little rusty or are polishing off your park skills it’s a great idea to book a lesson for your next vacation!

Hot Tub Time

Who doesn’t love an après ski hot tub session? Scratch that, an après anything hot tub session!? Well, you’re in luck! Whistler has an abundance of hot tubs. Nearly all hotels and condos have private hot tubs, but fear not if you find yourself without one! You can pay a day rate to use the Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s health club facilities, including a series of indoor and outdoor pools, and you can enjoy a cocktail while you’re at it! Or, enjoy the Westin Resort & Spa’s pool, hot tub and fitness room, while also taking advantage of locker rooms and underground parking at the base of the mountain, by joining the Mountain Club with an annual membership for luxury and convenience.

For more spa options in Whistler read our post, Finding the Perfect Whistler Day Spa Experience.

A couple soaking in a hot-tub at the Westin Resort.

Relax and unwind. Hot-tubbing is a great way to après in Whistler.


This episode covered a wide variety of dining experiences, so it’s only fair to recap what was what to help you properly plan your next trip!

  • Caramba: The family enjoyed a tasty Mediterranean-inspired dinner here after their bike ride around Lost Lake.
  • Longhorn: You know we love après and so did our L.A. party girls! The Longhorn has the perfect patio for après anything on the mountain.
  • Firerock Lounge: The staff had a cozy evening with drinks and relaxed conversation at the Firerock Lounge, located inside the Westin Resort & Spa.
  • Buffalo Bills: Game of pool anyone? Bills has a fun, laid-back vibe that’s great for big groups.

Timber Creek Lodge episode five wrapped up on a high note as the team came together to meet all of the guests’ needs! High fives Timer Creek Lodge crew, that one looked intense! With a little peek into next episode it’s sure to get a little heated, yikes! See you then with the recap!


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