Holding a yoga balance pose in Rebagliati Park, Whistler.

With Wanderlust on its way, I’ve been busy searching for the perfect places for an outdoor yoga experience, and want to share my top Whistler locations with you! With a backyard like mine, it’s hard to pick a bad spot to practice yoga in Whistler. Whether you’re coming into town for the Whistler Wanderlust festival or you’re a local-based yogi, give one of these locations a shot for your next outdoor yoga experience and reconnect with yourself and nature in one of these beautiful places.

Top Locations for Your Outdoor Yoga Experience

Do you want to feel grounded by cedar giants, or calmed by the tranquil waters? How about taking a mid-hike meditation moment, or feeling invigorated with some yoga beside rushing waters? Whatever your preference, Whistler has several perfect locations for your dream outdoor yoga experience. Here are just a few of my top spots.

Peaceful Forest, Peaceful Practice

The most centrally located, yet hidden spot for an outdoor yoga experience is in Rebagliati Park. A quick five-minute walk from just about anywhere in Whistler Village, Rebagliati is often passed by but rarely stopped at. It’s situated between the two bridges that lead you from Whistler Village to the Upper Village. The manicured lawn is a beautiful spot to practice any form of yoga, especially acro-yoga. If you dare to wander into the wooded area just beyond the maintained grass you’ll be in for a treat. The towering cedars and pine trees will make you feel small and rooted. My personal favourite is to practice balancing poses is on the fallen logs. Such a beautiful spot makes you feel miles away from civilization, even though it is just out of sight.

Your perfect Whistler outdoor yoga experience could be among the tress in Rebagliati park.

Among the giants. Immerse yourself in your practice and the forest of Rebagliati Park, Whistler.

For the Lake Lovers

There is something magical about taking part in an outdoor yoga experience on a dock in the early morning, surrounded by still, tranquil water as the sun shines it’s first rays of the day. Luckily, Whistler has some of the best Canadian lakes, so why not take advantage of those with docks as a perfect spot to practice yoga in the morning? Drive, bike, run or walk to any of the following dock locations, via the Valley Trail system, for a soulful sunrise session.

Note, I don’t recommend planning on practising here during the day, or at sunset, as there will be most likely be recreational swimmers and loungers semi-cramping your yoga intentions.

  • Lost Lake: It gets the early morning sun and offers great mountain views. This dock is the unofficial nude dock of Whistler, so consider yourself warned.
  • Wayside Park: One of the quietest beaches in Whistler has got to be Wayside. This lovely spot on Alta Lake has two docks to choose from.
  • Rainbow Park: Also on Alta Lake, Rainbow Park’s dock is one of the best sunrise viewpoints in Whistler.
  • Green Lake: A very small but spectacular dock lays slightly hidden in the community of Emerald Estates on Green Lake. To reach the dock from Whistler Village take the Sea to Sky Highway north. Turn right onto Emerald Drive, followed by a left onto Summer Lane, which will dead-end at the boat ramp and dock.
Practising yoga lakeside on a dock in Whistler.

Calm waters, calm mind. Get your stretch on by one of Whistler’s gorgeous lakes. Image: Andy Brown

That View Though

We can’t say the words Whistler and scenic without mentioning the phenomenal views that can be had by visiting either Whistler or Blackcomb mountain. Chances are if you’re visiting this summer, taking the Peak to Peak gondola is on your radar, and if not it should be – it’s an incredible experience! If you’re heading up for some sightseeing, bring along your yoga attire for a workout with a view, and practice in the sheer serenity offered by the endless alpine views of the Sea to Sky corridor from atop Whistler or Blackcomb mountain.

A pose with a view: Doing yoga on Whistler mountain.

Yoga on top of the world. Get breathless from your practice, and the spectacular views. Image: Mitch Winton

Mid-Hike Meditation

Combine hiking and meditation for the ultimate outdoor yoga experience. I recommend hitting the newly built Sky Walk Trail. This beautiful trail climbs and winds through Whistler’s gorgeous forest and passes over small streams, while guiding you right towards two absolutely stunning waterfalls. A map for the Sky Walk Trail is available online. You can consider either of the waterfalls as a destination, or Iceberg Lake or Screaming Cat Lake. There are no wrong choices, this is a beyond-words-beautiful kind of hike. Use caution around the Devils Club brush and slippery rocks around the waterfalls, but adventure and explore to your heart’s content! This newly built trail opened in 2014 and is full of pleasantly peaceful opportunities.

Meditate by a waterfall along the Sky Walk trail.

Meditation and waterfalls, a perfect zen experience. Image: Mitch Winton

Flow Like a River

Okay, so maybe yoga next to a river isn’t the best place to get your flow on, but it is a beautiful place to hold poses and meditate. The rushing water really disconnects you from everything but your body and your mind. The Cheakamus River offers some incredible spots to get your yogi on. The riverside trails in the community of Cheakamus Crossing have many side trails that will take you to open river lookouts. The Train Wreck trail also clings the Cheakamus River and offers some beautiful meditation locations. Take your pick of trails, they both offer similar environments that won’t disappoint.

Holding warrior pose on the bank of the Cheakamus river.

Channel your inner warrior riverside. Image: Mitch Winton

With so many beautiful Whistler locations just waiting to host your perfect outdoor yoga experience, it’s time to grab your mat and get out there. And don’t forget to share the yoga love! If you have any recommendations of locations for a peaceful outdoor yoga experience we’d love to see them. Share and tag your images with @GibbonsWhistler and #thisiswhistler so we can admire your poses in pretty places.

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.