Essential Mountain Biking Gear List

For those uninitiated to the sport of mountain biking, the amount of gear required to get out for a simple ride can be daunting. There’s the bike itself, a complicated mass of tubing festooned with bits and pieces of shiny gadgetry. Then there are all the accessories: hydration bag, helmet, clothing, bike-specific shoes… the list goes on.

The products in our mountain biking gear list below have been chosen because they work. They may simplify your mountain bike experience, make you a bit faster, or just make you look real cool (and if you look good, you ride good).

With so many options out there for new gear, and a number of different mountain bike disciplines that gear could be applied to, we’ve attempted to pick equipment suited for the amazing variety of terrain and trails that can be experienced in the Whistler area.

You might even be able to put to the test, or catch a glimpse of, some of these items at any one of the Whistler mountain biking events planned for the summer.

Intro to MTB: Never Mountain Biked? Think of This as Part of Your MTB Starter Pack

When you are new to the sport, acquiring items from a mountain biking gear list can seem overwhelming. While it is obvious to start with the essentials of a bike and helmet, you might find yourself unsure of what to purchase next from the seemingly limitless options. Here are two items worth investing in earlier rather than later.

Lezyne V10 Multi-Tool

New to mountain biking? One bit of advice: the more you ride, the more things tend to bend, crumple, crack, loosen, or just break. That said, be prepared to make simple trailside repairs, and that starts with owning a good multi-tool. Lezyne wins awards for industrial design, with their tools combining amazing performance and sleek good looks. Even if your bike stays in one piece, your friends (or that cute guy/girl stranded on the side of the trail) will be forever thankful when you pull out your trusty multi-tool and save the ride!

Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

In the timeless (and probably copyrighted) words of Camelback, the original hydration pack makers: “Hydrate or Die”. Hydration packs have come a long way since the first clunky iterations, and the Raptor 14, from Osprey, is a good example. Lightweight materials, with a well-designed harness and hip belt, will have the rider forgetting they’re even wearing anything on their back. Lack of hydration is just one way to shorten anyone’s ride. This pack’s ample storage makes sure you can be prepared for first aid emergencies, bike breakdowns, hunger, lack of shelter or warmth and other wilderness disasters.

Osprey Raptor 14 hydration pack

Quench your thirst – the Osprey Raptor 14 hydration pack.

Downhill: What You Need to Look Good in the Bike Park Line-Up

When it comes to a mountain biking gear list for downhill, protection is the name of the game. Whether it’s your vision or your body, things can go south quickly if you’re not properly prepared.

Smith Optics Squad Goggle

Your vision is important. In the bike park, your vision becomes paramount to survival, as you descend down the mountain at warp speed. Goggles keep mud, bugs, stray sticks, and anything else out of your eyes, helping you maintain focus on whatever obstacle lies ahead. It helps that the Squad goggles come in a bunch of rad colours, and boast mountain bike friendly features like ample venting and an extra-wide field of vision.

7iDP Transition Wrap Knee Pad

Injuries suck. Having a story to tell at the bar only goes so far, especially if you’re at that bar every afternoon for a month while your smashed kneecap heals, and all your buddies are out shredding bikes. Relatively new to the scene, 7iDP is quickly becoming known for well-built, thoughtfully designed protection for gravity riders. The Transition Wrap kneepad attains the fine balance of solid protection with a pedal-friendly, lightweight design.

7iDP Transition Wrap knee pad

Safety first – the 7iDP Transition Wrap knee pad.

All-Mountain: Something to Keep You in the Saddle for an All-Day Epic

Comfort and usability are key when it comes to long days out on the trail bike. If you’re into all-mountain riding, your mountain biking gear list should include products that help with pedaling efficiency, overall handling, and rider comfort.

RockShox Reverb Stealth Dropper Post

I am actually not sure how I rode mountain bikes before the invention of the dropper post. Gone are the days of fiddling with seat post heights, or the terrifying moments of dropping into a gnarly Whistler “cross-country” trail with your seat post jacked to the sky (the infamous Whistler trail “Anal Intruder” was definitely named before the advent of dropper posts). While there are many offerings out there, the Reverb Stealth is tried and true, and does what it’s supposed to: goes up and down with the simple push of a button. A true game-changer.

HT T1 Clipless Pedals

I’ve been testing out these pedals on a variety of Sea to Sky trails this spring, including the Whistler Bike Park. They’ve been performing flawlessly, with clean engagement and release, and reliable float. The platform of the HT T1 pedal offers good support for your feet when you’re smashing downhills, and the slim profile reduces the chance of rock strikes and keeps the weight down.

HT T1 clipless pedal

Tried and tested – the HT T1 clipless pedal.

Mountain Biking Gear List Items For Every Biker

Regardless of your biking style, or how long you’ve been involved in the sport, there are some essentials that everyone’s mountain biking gear list should include.

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated 64oz Growler

Beer drinking and mountain biking go together perfectly. Well, preferably not both activities at the same time. Après bike hangouts are made so much more enjoyable with a cold beer, and what better way to facilitate that trail-head tailgate party with an insulated stainless steel growler filled with 63oz of your favourite local microbrew.

Pinkbike’s Trailforks

One of the greatest experiences with mountain biking is being able to explore new areas on your bike. Whether it’s a new trail in your neighbourhood, or a legendary loop in a far-off locale, Trailforks has you covered. This crowd-sourced and moderated trail database hosts routes all over the globe. There’s over 120,000 kilometers of trails detailed on the app! Trailforks features detailed trail descriptions, images, information for local bike shops and other businesses.

The Trailforks trail map mobile app.

Trail maps at your fingertips – Pinkbike’s Trailforks mobile app.

New gear does not a rider make, as a mountain biking Yoda would say. But, it certainly helps. Hopefully, this mountain biking gear list makes your summer of mountain bike adventures even more enjoyable.

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Brittia Thompson