How to do Canada Day in Whistler
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How to do Canada Day in Whistler

On July 1st 151 years ago, the Constitutional Act united three colonies within the British Empire to create a new country. A vast and beautiful country that is home to many diverse cultures, languages, fashion, food, activities, and traditions that have evolved to make it the Canada that we know, appreciate and love today. We are proud to be Canadians and gosh darn it we are going to celebrate that – not that we want to offend anyone who isn’t Canadian. After all, we are known for our friendly and welcoming demeanor, and Whistler is the home of many international transplants. So whether your passport says Canadian on it or not, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get out and about to celebrate Canada Day in Whistler like one, eh.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Before jumping head first into your style for Canada Day in Whistler, decide what Canadian look you want to embrace. Like any endeavor, looking the part is half the battle. Keep it simple by throwing on anything red or emblazoned with a maple leaf, a beaver or a moose and you’ll be good to go – even better if it comes from a Roots store. Boots like Blundstones adorned with jeans or jean shorts and a plaid flannel offers a lumberjack/cowboy Canadian feel. If you are serious about bringing your game to the next level, find your best denim everything and rock that Canadian tuxedo like no one’s business. The Gibbons store front or the Re-Use-It Center will help cover all your clothing bases.

While putting together your best Canadian outfit, it would probably be wise to start practicing some basic Canadian vernacular, eh (do you agree)? Stop by Timmies (Tim Horton’s) for a double-double (coffee with two cream and two sugar), before you head’r (go to) to the Re-Use-It Centre. Pick up a two-four (24 pack of beer), a mickey (24oz of liquor) and some pop (Coke, 7up, ginger ale etc.) the day before the festivities. If you don’t hit the BCLC (British Columbia Liquor Commission) before the holiday, they will be closed and you will be hooped (up sh*t creek without a paddle) and all those beauties (rad people/friends) you promised a cooler full of coldies (cold drinks) to, will be right pissed (very upset). This might cause a kerfuffle (altercation) and put a damper on the day. Fortunately, you’re a keen’r (very motivated and excited), so you would never get hosed (up sh*t creek without a paddle) like that.

For the real keen’rs, brush up on your Mountain Lingo skills, after all, you are celebrating Canada Day in Whistler. Most importantly, don’t forget to apologize regularly, even if you were in the right and thank everyone, even if they have done you wrong. Get your outfit and these Canadianisms dialed and you’re ready to roll.

Inside the Gibbons retail store

Dress the part. Check out the Gibbons storefront for your Canada Day attire.

Activities to Celebrate Canada Day in Whistler

Next, grab your “Canadian Greatness” playlist and rock out to those Canadian classics while participating in the activities that you love most about Canada and specifically, Whistler. Tragically Hip, Alannis Morrissette, Drake, Blue Rodeo, Bryan Adams, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, and of course everyone’s favourite, Nickelback, have never sounded better while BBQ’ing at Alpha Lake, floating or paddling down the River of Golden Dreams, playing a pickup game of hockey, lacrosse or baseball at Meadow Park or adventuring to glacial lakes at the top of mountains for your own special Canadian Beach Party. Hiking, helicopters, BBQs, wakeboards, paddle boards and glacial cliff jumps. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that!

If sticking to the bumping Whistler Village is more your pace let the music guide you – right to the Longhorn Patio! Après Lager will be on special and a guest DJ will be owning the patio, just bring your dance moves and it’s a match made in heaven. Want to keep it low key? Tapleys during the day will be just the right primer before it turns into a full Canadian party at night – but trust us you’ll be ready for the transition!

Check out Gibbon’s concierge to make your Canada Day in Whistler dreams come true!

Wake boarding in an alpine lake is truly Canadian.

Get creative! Create your own epic Canada Day celebrations.

Your Canadian Must Eats

Don’t let your day of patriotic activities distract you from enjoying some of Canada’s most traditional foods. If you’re starting the day off in town, head to Stonesedge for their breakfast poutine. The combination of potatoes, bacon, sausage, poached eggs, cheese curd and Hollandaise has got you covered with all the important food groups for a day of celebration!

From there peruse your way through town stopping at coffee shops like Lift Coffee Co. for a Nanaimo bar treat or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some maple sweets. If “Après” hour is more your jam, the Firerock Lounge has a killer Maple Manhattan made with Canadian Rye Whisky and infused Maple syrup, and will also have a Caesar bar set up on their patio to help you wet your whistle under the sun. If you’re continuing to eat your way about town, don’t forget Tapley’s Canadian Deep Dish Pan Pizza – it’s chalk full of Canadian goodness.

We cannot pass on the opportunity to mention that Après Lager is 100% Canadian and ready to accompany your Canadian adventure, picnic or after-hours activities. Find out where you can order, patio sip by the jug or purchase to go here.

Canadian Caesar packed with added extras.

Truly Canadian. From Caesars to poutine, celebrate your Canada Day in Whistler with iconic Canadian food and drinks.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

Traditions are the behaviors or rituals that are passed down over time to celebrate origins of the past. This year we celebrate 150 years of patriotism and what could be more traditionally patriotic than a parade and fireworks on our nation’s birthday? We have a lot to celebrate in our little town, so we up the ante when it comes to Canada Day in Whistler. Free concerts, street parties, farmers markets and the local heritage and history at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center are all ways we choose to share the celebration of our origins with those around us.

Wherever it is you are from, you are now armed with the knowledge of planning your best Canada Day in Whistler. With a two-four in hand, a couple beauties by your side while you’re out and about in Whistler this July 1st, you are bound to find a party that brings alive the Canadian patriot within you.

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