Epic Whistler alpine activities were taking place at Iceberg Lake.

Adventure Addicts At It Again

We’ve been at it again, guilty as charged. The Gibbons Whistler crew has been out having one hell of a time playing in our backyard. As per usual, we explored and played in a whole new way because, well, why not? No need to be jealous, see our episode two blog post for inspiration on how to create your own Whistler adventure. Let me take you behind the scenes and let you know what it took to make this unusual adventure of epic Whistler alpine activities possible.

Iceberg Lake: Our Whistler Alpine Activities Video Inspiration

I’ve hiked to Iceberg Lake twice before and each time it has left me in awe. A gorgeous blue glacial lake nestled right next to a glacier with a beautiful valley view. It is the perfect location for a number of Whistler alpine activities. The trail up to Iceberg Lake was built in 2014 and is in excellent condition. Along the way you pass through stunning old growth forests, two waterfalls, an alpine meadow and can spot hanging glaciers on Rainbow Mountain. When brainstorming for a place to explore in a whole new way, this was at the top of my list. The rest was a collab of ideas from our awesome marketing team and the guys behind Beacon Media Group – you can read their interview about this shoot on SBC Wakeboard.

Whistler wakeskater Warren carving up Iceberg Lake.

Iceberg Lake like it’s never been done before. Whistler wakeskater Warren digs in deep for a slash.

Adventure Eve: Prepping for an Epic Day of Whistler Alpine Activities

The excitement level was high as our crew buzzed around Whistler to make sure everything was lined up. Our biggest task was making sure that we had the right supplies and people for an epic adventure! What supplies make for an epic Whistler alpine activity you might ask? One rubber duck, two snorkels, one stand up paddle board, two wakeskates, one wakeboard, four explorers, a few wetsuits, one winch with a full tank, twenty-four beers, one grill, fire supplies and enough food to keep the crew from getting “hangry”. Now, how exactly did we hike with all of that? We didn’t, that would be foolish. Beacon Media built us a custom crate to carry the supplies via helicopter, not exactly their typical day of work.

Next, we loaded the box and brought it to Blackcomb Helicopters. All that was left to do was to make sure our roster included a crew of like-minded adventurers who weren’t bothered by cold water. The Eve came to close as I packed my personal backpack and set my alarm for 5 a.m.

The Gibbons Whistler crew stoked and ready for their day of Whistler alpine activities.

The Gibbons Whistler crew stoked and ready for their day of Whistler alpine activities.

The Adventure: One Crazy Mix of Hiking, Helicopters, and Alpine Water Sports

Our crew met at the trailhead with a mix of nervousness and extreme excitement. I’m sure some of them were wondering what crazy Whistler alpine activities they had committed to. The scent of coffee and dewy pines accompanied us as we winded up the trail towards the alpine. We must have been a hilarious sight to see. Three dogs and fifteen humans working their way up to Iceberg Lake, some with drones strapped to their backpacks, others carrying wakeboards. We weaved in and out of the clouds, which was beautiful, but also a bit terrifying knowing that we needed clear skies to get the helicopter to be able to bring us the crate.

We arrived at the partially snow-covered lake in awe, and it was beautiful. We scouted the best heli-drop location and stood by on the radio for Blackcomb Helicopters to alert us that it was clear to fly. It wasn’t long before the roar of a chopper was heard, and the red helicopter came into focus. The anticipation and the nerves settled as the pilot set the crate down and soared out of sight. Our adventure had just become a reality! The crew wasted no time setting up chairs, digging a snow cooler, getting the fire started, positioning the winch and blowing up the inflatables. We were a go on fun time!

The rest of our day was spent lapping the winch on wakeboards, wakeskates, and even attempting an explorer, which didn’t go so well! Lunch was served, and beers were sipped by the fire while we cheered on those brave enough to dabble in the minus two-degree water. Just before the sun disappeared behind Rainbow Mountain, we packed up camp and called in the heli. The hike out was filled with contentment. There is something about hiking that makes you feel accomplished, especially when done with good company. The day was a dream come true. Flawless fun.

Stand-up paddle boarding on Whistler's Iceberg Lake.

Cheers to an another epic Whistler adventure in the alpine!

Gibbons Concierge: Making Your Dream Adventures a Reality

My reflection of the day: I’de do it again! We encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy Iceberg Lake and all of the other amazing outdoor adventure locations in Whistler. As for all epic adventures, please remember to pack out what you pack in and leave our backyard cleaner than when you found it. We want to be able to visit these supernatural locations for years to come!

But coordinating helicopters or organising equipment for an epic day of multi-sport activities can be tough, so why not leave it in the capable hands of a team who knows all the best Whistler local secrets? Our concierge service can plan your ultimate holiday, from travel and accommodation details to itineraries for days of epic Whistler alpine activities picked just for you. Contact our Whistler concierge service and turn your dream adventure into a reality.

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.