Riding Whistler Red Chair by Conrad PK.

In our latest post of #WhisLife, photographer and designer Conrad Petzsch-Kunze puts together an epic photo story of his adventures with friends throughout the winter.

Shredding: Living the Dream #WhisLife

All I wanted to do that winter was snowboard.

Our crew came together early in the season and we shredded the mountain everyday – be it in pow or park, it didn’t matter.

Late nights weren’t too common as we were beat from the long hours hiking or digging out snow pits to build a kicker. This kept the routine in check, with early starts each morning to make sure we beat the crowds for the first chair up. Every morning felt like Christmas to us – a snow wrapped gift that kept giving.

We hunted for untouched powder stashes and natural features hidden in Whistler’s backcountry. We uncovered gnarly drops and faces to session, and hovered through powder bowls churning up as much pristine snow as possible.

After each storm the excitement and anticipation built. There was freedom in our adventures, in creating something out of the landscape around us. This fueled our motivation and energised our souls.

This is my photo story of what my crew made happen in and around Whistler last winter…

Garrett Connolly

Garrett Connolly by Conrad PK.

Stefan Gagnier Ruckert A.K.A The Fonz

Stefan Gagnier by Conrad PK.

Stefan Gagnier rides a pillow field in the Duffy.

Stefan Gagnier tree jib.

Eric Turgeon A.K.A. Ricky T.

Eric Turgeon 720

Eric Turgeon in the Whistler Blackcomb park.

Eric Turgeon by Conrad PK.

Andrew Would A.K.A. Woody

Andrew Would air born in the park.

Andrew Would stash by Conrad PK.

Andrew Would doing tricks by night.

Eric Poulin

Eric Poulin by Conrad PK.

Jesse Millen

Jesse Millen doing a 720.

Jessy Brown

Jessy Brown in the alpine.

Troy Lawrence

Troy Lawrence on Blackcomb.

Troy Lawrence at 7th Heaven.

For more quality photographs, you can follow Conrad on Instagram and check out his website, conradpk.com

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