Shredding: Living the Dream #WhisLife

We hunted for untouched powder stashes and natural features hidden in Whistler’s backcountry. We uncovered gnarly drops and faces to session, and hovered through powder bowls churning up as much pristine snow as possible…

Create Your Own Whistler Adventures

How to Have an Epic, One-Of-A-Kind Whistler Time Whistler adventures await at every corner of our gorgeous mountain town, and we couldn’t help but show them off to you in our latest video. It was a journey, an adventure and…

Snowmobiling at 6,000 Feet

The bus up to Canadian Wilderness Adventure’s base was tense. Like me, most of the group were first time snowmobilers and we were on the “Night Rider” tour heading up Blackcomb Mountain. We all stuck nervously to our groups on the first leg of the tour, but by the time we returned it would be a whole other story.

Going Up Whistler Mountain

Stepping into the sun on Whistler Mountain gave me the biggest goofy grin. Snow carpeted everything. When looking up from town I could only see one section of the mountain range. From up here the endless peaks looked like sharp white teeth in a dark forest jawline – I felt the immensity of where I was.

Touring Huts: Awakening the Yeti

My friend Josh started a conversation about ski touring and the huts that had been built over the last 50 years in back country valleys around this area. He’d been to one last winter and wanted to confirm it was still in action – I was game for the adventure.

Learning to Fall With Whistler Bungee

I was bungee jumping straight after work and I’d decided the night before that I wanted to be hung over for it. When you’re a little ill it’s like there is a bubble wrap on everything around you – I become more nonchalant about impending acts of adrenaline like jumping off a bridge. But still I was prepared to be scared, this was my first bungee jump and ‘friends’ seemed to enjoy messing with my head.

Whistler Through Instagram – The Realities

On the Tourism Whistler website I’d stare at their backdrop photo. The mountain runs looked like a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with mint chocolate sauce dripping down the slopes. It looked so tasty.

Before coming to Whistler I scrolled Instagram daily on #whistler. The pictures revealed secret spots, action sports and the tourist traps to avoid. It also showed me what my age bracket are up to and where I should get my first drink…