Butlers in the Buff

From butler services to private spa experiences, Whistler can be quite the location of luxury if you want it to be.

The Scandinave Spa, Whistler

Imagine the scene – it’s twilight and there are stars twinkling above you, crunchy white snow covers the ground and it’s oh, so quiet. It would be cold, but you’re not because you’re sitting in a bubbling hot water bath. You close your eyes as snowflakes start to fall – it cannot get more relaxing. Oh wait, it can. You could be at this blissful place all by yourself…

Scandinave Spa

Photo: Scandinave Spa – Tourism Whistler

The Scandinave Spa is located a mere five minute drive from Whistler Village on the edge of Lost Lake, surrounded by towering spruce and cedar trees. You can smell the eucalyptus and see the steam rising from the outdoor pools as you walk down the tree-lined path to the entrance – this is serenity defined.

As the name suggests, this concept comes from Scandinavia where they highly regard the benefits of hydrotherapy. Alternating hot and cold water improves circulation, decreases inflammation and aids the body in the elimination of toxins. The heat options of the hot baths, sauna and steam are designed to soothe the body, while the cold baths, Nordic waterfalls and cold showers, in contrast, are there to invigorate and stimulate.

Waterfall at the Scandinave Spa

Photo: Scandinave Spa – Tourism Whistler

To take full advantage of the baths, here’s what we suggest:

  • Give yourself at least two-three hours at the baths to properly relax and let the world melt away
  • Warm your body for around 10-15 minutes and then brave a 20-30 second cold rinse options for maximum benefit
  • Chill out in the solarium, one of the terraces or around the outdoor fireplace – bring a book or magazine, or borrow one of the spas
  • Repeat this pattern of hot, cold, relax as many times as it takes to make you feel amazing

The Scandinave Spa also offers a range of massages and combination packages, so if you need a bit of extra TLC then you can book in with one of their therapists before or after you’ve enjoyed the baths.

Making a private booking at an outdoor spa for you and your loved one(s) is certainly an impressive way to celebrate a special occasion. This would be the perfect way to wow someone for a birthday, anniversary, proposal – let us know how we can help make this happen for you.

Butler Service in Whistler

Butlers in the Buff

In episode one on Après Ski you saw butler service with a twist. Not afraid to show a bit more than a typical server, Whistler’s “Butlers in the Buff” offer a service that certainly gets a smile. These handsome and charming butlers make sure that you don’t lift a finger at your event – whether that’s a bachelorette, birthday, divorce party or simply an occasion that needs a little, um, sizzle.

Butlers in the Buff

Phot: Butlers in the Buff

They’ll open the door, greet the guests, mix your drinks, hand out the hors d’oeuvres, and help with party games. They bring the perfect washboard abs, which are coincidently great for doing shots off of. That’s all while wearing only a bottom revealing apron, white cuffs and a bowtie.

These butlers are the perfect gentlemen – the tag line for the company is “Charming, innocent and just a little cheeky”. We love them for their professionalism, and the energy they bring to the party. If you want to chat about hiring them for your Whistler experience then connect with our concierge team.

Black Tie Skis

Not to be confused with the above service, Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery is another example of butler service available in Whistler. Not ones for long queues and generic service the concierge team at Gibbons work with Black Tie to offer their guests a butler service for ski rentals.

You place your order before you arrive in Whistler and then the Black Tie team will bring the equipment to you. That’s right to your hotel room, private house or condo unit – you pick the time. A professional ski concierge will make sure you’re set up properly for your time on the slopes, no crying on the mountains because of ill-fitting boots. If the weather changes, or you want to switch skis for a snowboard – no problem, your ski concierge is but a phone call away to switch things over for you.

This is the kind of elevating service that makes ski days easy and puts a smile on the faces of our clients. Sound good? Let us know if you want to set this up for your Whistler trip.


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