Whistler Brewing Co. at the 2014 Whistler Village Beer Festival

Back in September we announced the Whistler Village Beer Festival‘s very own web series channel, Between Two Kegs. We’re happy to report that episode one is here, featuring home-grown talent Whistler Brewing Co. When deciding on the focus for episode one, we figured we should start off local, so showcasing Whistler Brewing Co. was an obvious choice.

Episode 1 | Whistler Brewing Company

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This week we find out a little about the company and the beers with Colin Pyne & Matthew Dean. Whistler Brewing Co. have been our title sponsor at WVBF since we began and we love working with these guys.

Host | Liam Peyton
Edit | Liam Peyton
Video | Eric Beckstead
Guests | Colin Pyne & Matthew Dean

Brittia Thompson