A nude woman poses in the forest. Black and white photograph by Kyle Graham Photography.

Getting Naked in Nature

There’s no shortage of impressive locations for photo shoots in and around Whistler. The one covered on the Après Ski show was at a beautiful home called Cedarstone, which is available to book for weddings, corporate retreats and luxury vacations. With its impressive woodwork, huge log-burning fireplace and stunning copper tub it’s the mountain cabin of your dreams.

Cedarstone lodge blanketed in snow.

Along with stunning locations, Whistler also has an incredible list of pro-photographers. One local, who specifically works on sexy and nude shots, is photographer Kyle Graham, who is featured on the show. Kyle is originally from Whitby, Ontario but moved to Whistler in 2006 for the mountains and the winter sports.

“There’s nothing cookie cutting about Whistler. There’s such a variety of sports, mixed with a vibrant arts scene and intelligent, passionate people.”

For Kyle his work is about freedom and nature, while celebrating a person’s form in all its beauty and uniqueness. His project “BE” is about reveling in nature the most natural way possible – no judgments.

Nude woman in the forest. Black and white photograph by Kyle Graham Photography.

Photo: Kyle Graham Photography

“I wanted to explore how people often don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. I’ve had my own issues with my body image and wanted to use my photography to help myself and others embrace their bodies. Everyone has beauty in them. I want the people I shoot to feel free enough to say – this is me.”

Through gentle direction Kyle gets people to see themselves in a different light – a more liberated and free expression of who they are. The response from the general public has been more open than Kyle expected.

“There’s a sense of adventure about the images. They’re voyeuristic – I’m letting the viewer into a private moment.”

Kyle’s Top Spots in Whistler

  • Beaver Pond, Stonebridge – for it’s small and intimate nature
  • Emerald Forest – there’s a swampy area, which doesn’t sound too romantic for Whistler, but it’s eerily beautiful
  • Soo Valley – for it’s wildness
Nude woman in the forest. Black and white photograph by Kyle Graham Photography.

Photo: Kyle Graham Photography

Superfly Ziplines

You’re over 600 feet off the valley floor, traveling at 100kms per hour and there’s nothing surrounding you but air. This is your chance to fly like an eagle – albeit not quite as graceful when you’re letting out the inevitable whoops.

Superfly Ziplines boasts two of Canada’s longest ziplines, where you can shoot side-by-side, with whoever you cajoled into joining you, across deep mountain valleys. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. You’re in the backcountry of Cougar Mountain, where lush forest rolls out below you. It’s one of those moments when you realize just how impressively big Canada is and how cool it feels to be surveying it all from the top of a mountain.

Professional guides hook you into your harness and then you take a deep breath, step off the platform and soar. Once your heart stops its somersaults, you open your arms wide, feel the rush of the air around you, and it’s a perfect moment of absolute freedom.

There are four ziplines as part of the experience, with the highest one coming up first, followed by the longest one. This tour is about the wild scenery, the thrill of ride and the feeling of achievement you’ll get when you land at the other side. Grab your Go-Pro, your friends and plan for three hours of adrenaline filled fun.

Let us know if this is something you’d like to book on your trip to Whistler.

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