Whistler Village Beer Festival

When Prohibition ended in 1933, President Roosevelt ended his speech with the now famous quote “What America needs now is a drink”. After all its folly, even the President realized how important beer is to society.

None more so than in a mountain town. There’s only so much bonding that one can have with his friends, charging down the hill in what is, ultimately, a solo sport. No, the true test of friendship is recapping the day’s events – winter or summer – over a pitcher or three of the good stuff. Liam Peyton, in association with the Gibbons Hospitality Group, has spearheaded a campaign for the first annual Whistler Village Beer Festival, along with longtime friend and manager of the Dubh Linn Gate, Harrison Stoker.

The team are seeking to highlight the best of the brews at the inaugural Whistler Beer Fest. In a town where the après scene is as vibrant as the mountains we love (and with a reputation to uphold, dammit!), its the perfect place for brewmasters and brewsters of 42 breweries, with over 100 different beers in the holster, to showcase the best they have to offer. Liam Peyton hails from Birmingham, UK, and recently became resident to our fine country.

11th Hour Venue Change for First Whistler Beer Festival

The guys have had huge success in getting this project off the ground, with ticket sales going all over the world, it’s safe to say that word has spread. And it’s not surprising. The west coast of North America has seen a real upswing in microbreweries in recent years, and some are almost household names in the beer world.

Beer is the drink that unites us as a community, as a family. Barriers are broken down with cold glasses and warm smiles. Whether its a light beer, a hoppy IPA, a chocolate stout, or a cloudy wheat ale, as my dad used to say, “if it’s cold and wet, it’s fine by me!”

Presale tickets are still available so buy yours before Friday. There will be some on the day, but, based on the demand, there won’t likely be many! Party starts at 1pm, Saturday, with many events planned over the weekend.

— by Aaron Peart


Brittia Thompson