Embrace The Rain: Whistler Rainy Day Activities

The skies of Whistler are overcast, ominous clouds are bringing the rain spring is known for and we all start to feel a bit gloomy. Living in a temperate rainforest gives us the lush, green landscape we like to play in, but it also means we have to put up with a lot of H2O. This spring we’ve decided to embrace the rain, instead of whine about it, and rather than flock indoors we’ve put together a list of Whistler rainy day activities that celebrate getting wet in the great outdoors. If it’s good enough for Gene Kelly to dance in, then we can get out there too!


Here are some of the ways in which you can embrace the wet with these Whistler rainy day activities!

Muddy Puddles: ATV Call of the Wild

There’s nothing like motoring through a muddy puddle on an ATV, says Anna Webb, the guest service agent at Canadian Wilderness Adventures. You’re covered from head to toe in waterproof gear, so who cares how high up the water splashes? Canadian Wilderness runs a three-hour tour in the Callaghan Valley, just south of Whistler village for beginner to intermediate riders. Let the mud fly!

Embrace the rain, and mud, during a Whistler ATV tour.

Frenzied Fish: Whistler Flyfishing

When it rains the rivers swell, and more fish come in from the ocean, explains Mike Orlowski, of Whistler Flyfishing. As the fish move through they get excited and it makes for amazing fishing, in fact it’s one of the best times to be out there. Steelhead and trout are ripe for the picking right now and Whistler Flyfishing run guided trips, taking you to the best locations – even in the rain.

Fishing in the rain with Whistler Flyfishing.

Suited and Booted: Whitewater Rafting

The wetsuits we give our guests actually get warmer when you get wet as a layer is trapped in the membrane of the suit, explains Kerry Stack, the guest services manager at The Adventure Group. Rafting tours down the Green River have just started for the summer season with class 2 and 3 rapids making for some fun bouncy sections where you’re bound to get at least a face full of white water.

Rafting the Green River on a hot summer day in Whistler.

Decided you’ve had enough of being cooped up indoors? Embrace the rain and get outside. Our friendly concierge services can help you plan the most fun Whistler rainy day activities you can image.

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