The mountains are starting to look like a painted rainbow of reds, yellows, oranges, and greens making the drive up the Sea to Sky Highway absolutely stunning. While the drive is gorgeous this time of year, so is the final destination. The colors linger in the valley and peaks freshly dusted in white are a delightful reminder as to what is just around the corner – winter. To many of us mountain loving folk, the season’s in-between winter and summer are a time to prep for whatever is coming next. Truth be told, this in-between stage is full of its own set of things to do, which are often forgotten about without good reason. An added bonus to Whistler in the fall is that each adventure feels like a little secret of your own because the masses aren’t running the town.

Fall is the perfect time to escape the daily grind to relax and adventure in a new way. Isn’t travel these days all about creating your own experience anyway? Well, there is no better way than to visit Whistler in the fall and have an experience unique enough to call it your own. Our perfect version of a fall getaway looks a little something like this…


Good news, many of the hotels in Whistler have lower rates during the shoulder season. Take advantage of the killer rates and book somewhere you might not typically stay, like a private penthouse in the heart of the village. Okay, so we might have a bias here, but the Gibbons Penthouse Rental is one hell of a pad – as seen in the edit. The Carleton Lodge Penthouse sleeps eight, has three bedrooms, a cozy fireplace and a kitchen you wish you had in your own house. Luxury is in no short supply here.

Staying in style. The Gibbons’ penthouse is luxury in the heart of the village.


Hands down, or should I say hands-on, one of the coolest activities throughout the spring, summer and fall is the Via Ferrata course. Mountain Skills Academy lets you see Whistler in a seriously one-of-a-kind way. The tour takes you up Whistler Mountain like you’ve never reached the peak before. After exiting the Whistler gondola you’ll get suited up in a harness and helmet and set off on a short hike before scrambling and ascending up to the peak. You’ll clip into cables, climb ladders and hang out on ledges all with views of the valley and neighboring mountains. It’s adrenaline pumping. Our whole team couldn’t rave more about their first time on a Via Ferrata – definitely Whistler done differently. Be sure to check out Mountain Skills Academy for the details and to see what they have on the go for winter!

The Via Ferrata on Whistler Mountain.

Don’t look down! The Via Ferrata is a whole new way to enjoy those Whistler views.

What if you encounter that famous fall fog complete with a bit of rain on your visit? Not a problem. If it’s looking a bit gloomy, book a Jeep tour with Canadian Wilderness Adventures. You’ll be covered and dry in their comfortable jeeps and get to see some sights close up and personal. While you explore the rugged Whistler terrain and search for bears you might just climb right out of that fog with the elevation and into the sun.

Canadian Wilderness Adventures' jeep tour.

Buckle up! Explore the Canadian wilderness while keeping dry in the jeep.

Nothing quite says Whistler in the fall like crisp air and a clean swing. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, Whistler has Three world-class golf courses! The Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course is almost the only place that does Whistler justice with its fall views. The course is a memorizing mixture of greenery and turning trees, all the while those breathtaking peaks tower above you. If there is one place to secure your fall tee time, it is definitely at the Fairmont Golf Course.

A player on the Fairmont Chateau Whistler golf course.

The perfect backdrop. Amazing views provide the perfect setting for your day on the green,


Whether you prefer to be cozied up next to a fireplace with a soothing cup of tea or at the spa, every vacation needs a little downtime. Our personal favorite method of relaxation here in Whistler is found at the Scandinave Spa. The spa encourages hydrotherapy to detoxify the body, relax the mind and increase circulation. Hydrotherapy starts with warming the body in one of the Scandinave Spa’s hot pools, wood saunas or eucalyptus steam rooms before taking a quick plunge in a cold pool and then relaxing in one of their solariums. Our favorite part? It’s all outdoors so you can soak in the views and that coveted mountain air while you’re spa-ing. There is more than one way to spa in this town though, so check out our blog on finding the perfect Whistler Day spa experience for more!

A man relaxing under the falling water at the Scandinave Spa.

Hydrotherapy. Relax in the heated pools of the Scandinave Spa.


Similar to accommodation, many pubs and restaurants have specials during this time. You’ll have to check with each venue for the details, as they often change, but many classic spots host deals on Three-course meals and offer plenty of drink specials.

While Whistler in the fall may not necessarily scream patio weather, the cozy outdoor fire pits at both Tapley’s and Longhorn are the perfect location to let you enjoy the outdoors while staying warm with the beverage of your choosing. Thinking of staying past the usual Sunday check out? Longhorn has a Monday Mimosa special that will tempt you to do just that!

Enjoying mimosas and beers at the Longhorn.

Cheers! Extended weekends in Whistler in the fall could lead to fun times at the Longhorn.

Enjoy Whistler in the Fall

The crisp air is so refreshing it begs you to enjoy the last of the pleasant temperatures and clear roads before winter begins. Don’t get us wrong, we’re excited for powder days, but let’s make the most of every season instead of just sitting around for the next! With the variety of Whistler fall activities on offer, you’d be crazy not to make the most of this beautiful season.


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Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.