Whistler date ideas

February 14th, Valentine’s Day: An opportune day of romance to show someone special how much you love them. A day to shower your loved one with chocolates and roses, sip expensive wines, and to put on that sexy little red lingerie – or at least wear matching lacy panties and bra. Regardless of whether you’ve been married for years, only been dating a few months, been having casual ‘fun’ with someone, or are so lonely that Netflix is continuously asking whether you’re still watching is the extent to your love life, society tells you it’s something you must partake in. To help you plan your day of romance, we’ve come up with a few Whistler date ideas depending on your situation.

For the Hopeless Romantic

‘Head-over-heels, been planning Valentine’s day for months to show my partner how much I truly love them.’

If you’re looking for truly special Whistler date ideas, you’re in the right place. This magical mountain town screams romance with its beautiful snow-capped mountains and blanket of snow-covered trees. What could be more romantic than getting an aerial tour of Whistler with Blackcomb Helicopters? Oh right – getting lines skiing or snowboarding untouched powder with unparalleled views. That’s only for the more adventurous. For those couples that enjoy nature more from afar, book a scenic tour where you’ll soar over glaciers, snow-covered lakes and rugged peaks with Blackcomb Helicopters followed by a couples massage and afternoon having a relaxing soak in an array of outdoor pools and baths at the Scandinave Spa Whistler, or any of the best Whistler day spas. Once you’re reached the point of ultimate relaxation, move things inside and curl up next to a crackling fire.

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Photo by Eilley Harwood

For the Obliged Partner

‘I guess I should make plans, so they don’t think I’ve forgotten about Valentine’s Day.’

They say the way into someone’s pants is through their heart. And since we all know that the way to their heart is actually through their stomach, I think it’s fair to jump to conclusions and say that a good meal will do the trick. Whistler has many fantastic restaurants that serve world-class cuisine: Araxi, SIDECUT, FireRock Lounge, Bearfoot Bistro and Rimrock Cafe are some local favourites. Be sure to book your reservation well in advance — you’re not the only smooth cat thinking this will be the perfect Whistler date idea. Don’t forget to save room for dessert and have some bubbly and chocolates back in your room for a delicious evening treat.

Enjoy world class cuisine at the FireRock Lounge.

Love at first bite. If the way to the heart is through the stomach, gain express entry by reserving a dinner at one of Whistler’s fantastic restaurants.

For the Last-Minute Panicker

‘Crap, I totally forgot and will be spending the night on the couch if I don’t get us in for dinner somewhere but everywhere is full and no longer taking reservations’ 

If you dropped the ball and didn’t think to make reservations anywhere, we’ve got you covered. Head over to the outdoor ice skating rink in the Olympic Plaza. Spend the evening skating under the moonlight and once you can no longer feel your toes, head back to your place where you have dinner already prepared (Sushi Village pick-up for the win).

For the Tinder Optimist

‘Super last-minute Tinder date, because it’s Valentine’s Day and whoever is on Tinder right now is likely lonely, and odds are, I may get lucky.’

There’s still hope; it takes two to Netflix and chill, just as it took two to swipe right. Coincidence? I think not. FYI Domino’s delivers.

For the Single and Lovin’ It

‘Single friends unite and show the world we don’t need a significant other, just the love of pizza.’

Nothing says ‘I’m single on Valentine’s Day’ quite as much as you and all your other single friends getting together and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Great news, this year February 14th falls on a Tuesday – hello, ‘Tequila Tuesdays’ at Longhorn Saloon & Grill. If Mexican Fiestas aren’t your thing (we’ve all had that night that we swear never to drink tequila again), head on down to ‘Cider Tuesday‘ at Buffalo Bills. If you don’t find love underground, not to worry, Fat Tony’s has always got your back. Love can always be found with a fresh slice of beef & blue cheese. You never know who will be waiting in line looking for a slice of love.

Cheers to celebrating Valentine's Day with friends.

Cheers! If you’re single and proud of it, grab your solo friends and hit the bars.

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Whether you love it, hate it, or are simply indifferent to it, make that special someone feel extra special this Valentine’s Day. There’s plenty of romantic Whistler activities to do in our gorgeous mountain town. But if none of these Whistler date ideas are your cup of tea, you can always resort to whispering sweet, sweet nothings – that always does the trick.

However, if you want to go above and beyond this Valentine’s Day, contact our expert concierge service. With an intimate knowledge of all things romance, including the most romantic Whistler hotels, they’ll plan a truly bespoke getaway, catered to your every desire, for your perfect date in Whistler.

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