The Whistler Cornucopia Review: How to survive it like a local.

It’s that annual time of year for celebrating food and wine, decadence and indulgence at Whistler’s annual Cornucopia event from November 5-15. It’s 11 days of parties, galas, luncheons, tastings, seminars and so much more. It’s a jam-packed schedule of events so take these local tips to heart to make the most of it. We’ve been celebrating Cornucopia for a long time now. We’ve made all the rookie mistakes in years gone by. Take our advice, trust our Whistler Cornucopia review and experience this amazing culinary celebration the way the locals do it.

1. Build Up

11 days is a long time, nothing to scoff at when you’re talking about eating and drinking and schmoozing and fun. Though it’s terribly tempting, don’t leave the gates that first weekend as though you’re on the 100-metre dash. Think of this more like a marathon — even and steady wins the race. Pace yourself. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Pace yourself: With 11 days of Whistler Cornucopia there are plenty of events to enjoy.

2. Take Notes

You don’t have to go all Anderson Cooper here, notepad out, ballpoint pen at the ready. You will, however, find hidden gems at Cornucopia and you’ll want to remember the names. It will save you from wandering aimlessly in the liquor store with just the memory of a delicious wine tantalizingly out of reach. Use your phone. Write down the names. Snap some pics of the labels. You’ll be thanking us at your next dinner party.

3. Find Balance

This is another way of pacing yourself. Check out Nourish: Health + Wellness, part of Cornucopia’s line-up of events. There is yoga and meditation. Or check out the ‘Healing Foods Brunch’ or the ‘Fuelling to Detox Brunch’ or the ‘Simplifying Your Food Seminar.’ This is always a good way to even out the gala tastings, the dinners, the brunches, and the requisite parties.

4. Speaking of Parties

Oh, the parties. This is an integral part of Cornucopia. You’ve paced yourself, you found some balance, you’ve taken notes and learned something new. Now it’s time to party. Poured. Crush. Revolutions. At a range of venues including The Firerock Lounge, Longhorn, Buffalo Bills and Garfinkel’s, there is something for every partier. Let’s just say that Cornucopia parties have gone down in the history books as parties to remember. So… take your pick. Read up on the events and see which ones suit you best.

The legendary parties of Whistler Cornucopia are not to be missed.

5. Find the Local Angle

There are food and wine celebrations all over the world, so what makes Cornucopia so special? This is a celebration of food and drink and fun and parties in our mountains. Find the local angle, like the Pembytopia event, with One Mile Eating House and Pemberton Distillery. Or check out Whistler’s Wine “Transplants” and learn how locals have turned their passion for wine into action. Or what about the Fort Berens and the Four Seasons Experience where you can learn a little more about Whistler’s closest winery.

Whistler Cornucopia Review: Book Your Ultimate Experience Today

So, there you have it, a local’s guide to surviving one of the best festivals on the Whistler calendar. If our Whistler Cornucopia review sounds like the not to be missed event of the season, get in contact with our expert concierge team. With local knowledge and all the connections, they’ll plan your ultimate Cornucopia experience – hassle free. Cheers.

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