Even the littlest of kids enjoy the Whistler BMX track.

It’s official, the Whistler BMX track is open! In a town heavily populated with bike junkies, it only makes sense for Whistler to welcome a BMX course. From toddlers to grandparents, BMX has a place in many of our community members’ hearts and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the new track for all to enjoy! Whether BMX is your bike of choice, you use BMX as a cross training tool, or it’s your first time giving it a whirl, we’re stoked you’re out there. Read on to find out what you need to know about the new Whistler BMX track.

The Details

  • Hours: Dawn to dusk.
  • Location: Bayly Park, 1015 Jane Lakes Rd Whistler, BC. If driving, please park off of Jane Lakes Road.
  • Gear Stop: Whistler Village Sports as tons of quality BMX gear. If it’s a race kit you’re after, hop on over to the Whistler BMX website to check out their custom Whistler BMX Club kit by Pit Board Racing. With each sale, a portion of it goes back to the club to keep the course in tip-top shape.
  • Donate: If you love the Whistler BMX track, do your best to give back when you can. Donations can be made online or seek out opportunities to volunteer your time.
BMX racers battle it out on the Whistler track.

Capture the racing action. Despite just opening, the Whistler BMX track has already hosted its first races. Image: Brian Finestone.

WBMX Events

With the track just opening summer of 2016, we are proud to announce that the Whistler BMX board of directors hosted Whistler’s first provincial races on August 13th and 14th, 2016. Jody Hallett, the Treasurer & Secretary for Whistler BMX, says, “We will strive to host BMX Canadian Nationals in the coming years.”

Tuesdays are going to be reserved for local race nights so bring your game face or your cheering voice if you drop by on a Tuesday! Check out the WBMX event calendar for upcoming events and races. There are future plans to incorporate BMX clinics and coaching opportunities so keep an eye out!

The Whistler BMX Track

In the words of Brian Finestone, the Whistler BMX Track Director, “The WBMX track is a full-size UCI track measuring 1150′ with a modern design focused on development and flow. It has three corners of different radii and rhythm sections that offer multiple riding line options.” Finestone also mentions that there are a “rare 4-meter start hill and composite features that allow for creative riding at all levels.” From a pure spectator standpoint, Bruce Johnson admires the course and reports that it is so smooth the dirt looks like asphalt and it appears to have great flow.

Even the littlest of kids enjoy the Whistler BMX track.

From groms to grown-ups. The WBMX track is a place for everyone to fine tune their skills – and have fun! Image: Brian Finestone.

The WBMX Community

With their first Provincial race wrapped, the board of directors is happy to relay that they hosted 200 riders from across BC, Alberta, and the USA. The stoke is spreading through the BMX industry and Whistler BMX expects to host a national level event for the following summer. This type of event would attract hundreds more racers and spectators. This course is already really putting Whistler on the map in BMX world.

When Brian Finestone was asked, “Why is BMX important to the Whistler community?” this was his epic and relatable response to all of us mountain folk, “BMX is the best bicycle sport for developing bike handling skills; whether you are under 4 or over 40. The skills of managing speed, pumping, and cornering never go out of style and will make any rider better regardless of whether they ride XC, Enduro, MTB, or Road. It is also a great crossover sport for fast reaction winter sports like ski and snowboard cross.” Jody Hallett and professional mountain biker Trish Bromley both echo Finestone that BMX is great for improving all types of mountain biking.

Our community loves the outdoors and we love to see ourselves, as well as others, progress – this is why we love having the new BMX track so much! Not only is it a special place to cheer on the next generation and see the future of Whistler shred, it’s an opportunity to have even more fun on a bike, and hopefully develop your own bike-handling skill set.

There was a lot of community dollars, sweat, and time that went into the creation of the Whistler BMX Club and we couldn’t be more excited to have it open right in our backyard. Thanks to all those who made this happen, to those who will shred it in the future, and for those who will continue to keep it going, we will be right there with you!

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Feature Image: Brian Finestone

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