A Wedding in Whistler: Nita Lake Lodge.

Love echoes through the valleys and up into the mountaintops here in our stunning mountain town. A wedding in Whistler is truly one of the most beautiful and romantic ways to celebrate your love. Inspired by the gorgeous photos that capture both the immense landscapes and endearing love of a couple in one irresistibly romantic image, we just had to catch up with world-renowned Whistler based photographer Logan Swayze.

Logan grew up in BC mesmerized by the mountains, the light dancing upon them and the moody skies that dramatically weave between them – he couldn’t be tempted to call any place else home. While an accomplished globetrotter, Logan loves to photograph in his hometown of Whistler, and who can blame him? His romantic style merges the majestic landscape and the enduring love of the couple into one beautiful piece of art. This imagery will truly make you feel, and if you’re going to have a wedding in Whistler with such a beautiful backdrop you definitely want it to be part of your photos. After a catch up with Logan we walked away with a few tips worth passing along to our soon to be Whistler brides and grooms, or maybe aspiring Whistler brides and grooms of the future (your identity is safe with us, just like your hidden Pinterest board).

A bride and groom lovingly embrace atop the mountains in Whistler.

Love is in the (mountain) air. With views only shadowed by the beauty of your love, Whistler is the perfection location for a wedding. Image: Logan Swayze

Tips For Your Wedding in Whistler

  • Bring a second set of footwearhiking boots, rain boots, or winter boots are more than appropriate. And not just for the couple, for whomever is going to accompany them for photos, whether a family member as an extra set of hands or the whole wedding party. You don’t want to miss out on that frame-worthy photo because you couldn’t leave the parking lot.
  • Toasty warm jackets are a must. As a bride or groom, when you’re walking around your hands will ideally be holding each other’s, but let’s be real, they will also be holding your dress, flowers, maybe a clutch or other accessory, and you clearly don’t have hands to hold a blanket around you. Bring a coat that can keep you warm in-between photos hands free.
  • Umbrella, it’s better luck than not to bring it with you just in case! Mountain weather is beautifully wild, making it a pretty unpredictable thing.
  • The Sherpa. Bring a friend, groomsman or family member that can be that extra set of hands for you while you’re on location. Your photographer lends a hand when possible but they’ve got a lot to carry too! It’s nice to have someone tend the coats while you’re not wearing them or carry the bouquet, etc.
A bride and groom in the lush, green Whistler forest.

Embrace the wild. Relax and enjoy the moment while your photographer captures the beauty and magic of your special day. Image: Logan Swayze

  • Let your wild side show! Traditional weddings aren’t the norm anymore so there is no obligation to follow the rules. Take a helicopter, go swimming in your gown, invite everyone or no one, whatever sounds like a celebration to honor your love – do it! With a wedding in Whistler there are so many tools available to take you incredible places; helicopters, chairlifts, float planes, horses, snowmobiles and so on. Go where your heart takes you – there are no rules to play by here.
  • Seasonal flowers are an important consideration in dramatic climates. The hardier the flower the better, like succulents; those things are not only in style but are seriously tough in harsh conditions. Senka Florist has recommendations locked and loaded for all types of wedding in Whistler.
  • A wedding planner is required for booking at many Whistler venues, so why not work with someone who knows Whistler best!
Light filters through the dust to shine on the happy couple.

Something magical. Immortalize the special moments of your big day with simply stunning photography. Image: Logan Swayze

Other Whistler Wedding Photographers

While we adore Logan, his photography style and easy going personality, we realize he is only one dude and cannot possibly shoot all of the weddings in Whistler, so we’ve rounded up a few other photographers with a variety of styles to best suit you and of course, everyone’s calendars! Take a peep at the exceptional talent that lies in this town.

A bride and groom embrace in snowy surroundings.

Irresistibly romantic. Merging majestic landscapes and endearing love, Whistler is the ideal setting for your special day. Image: Logan Swayze

Introducing Gibbons Wedding

When it comes to planning your big day, Gibbons Weddings & Events can provide a range of services, whether it’s an epic adventure to kick start your weekend, a wedding extravaganza in the mountains, or even just the post-party brunch to refuel you and your guests, Gibbons Weddings & Events has you covered.

Introducing the lady behind the name, Sam! Creative, passionate & organized, Sam is not afraid to wear all hats of the trade in the events world. From producing beer festivals across the west coast to counting each bridesmaid down the aisle on top of a mountain, Sam excels in multitasking and thinking outside of the box – so you don’t have to! Whether you’re looking for full-service planning or to have an intimate elopement, Sam’s job is to help ease the stress, so that when the special day arrives – you can simply be in the moment and not have to worry about anything else.

Through first-class management and execution, we create absolutely unforgettable memories in the mountains of Whistler and throughout the Sea to Sky. Gibbons Weddings & Events will be there with you every step of the way; advising, guiding you, and ultimately making the planning process stress free and FUN!

Contact us for a free consultation!

Photo by Eilley Harwood


Your Pre-Wedding in Whistler Celebrations

Stags and stagettes, Gibbons has you covered! Bar Hop and Penthouse living sound pretty dang good when you’re here to celebrate! Getting in touch with our Gibbons Life team is easy, and they’ll craft the most unforgettable weekend of your life – aside from your wedding that is! From taking a helicopter to a remote hot spring for a relaxing afternoon complete with an outdoor massage to a wild night of dancing until the sun rises, they can cook up something for everyone’s ideal weekend away with the guys or girls.

Let this serve as your starting ground for your special day. Leave the rest of the details up to the Whistler-based wedding professionals and don’t forget to share the wedding magic with us, we’d love to see and congratulate you on your special day!

Honeymooners, check out the most romantic Whistler hotels, activities and getaways for a little après wedding inspiration as well!


Feature Image: Logan Swayze

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.