Spearhead Huts Society's Crowdfunding Campaign

Heard of the Spearhead Traverse? How about the Spearhead Huts? Intrepid explorers established the Traverse over 50 years ago, but the huts have yet to be built. If the Spearhead Huts Society has their way that will change soon. Recently designated a charitable organization, the Society is reaching out to the mountain community to help raise the last funds in order to break ground on the first hut of three, the Kees and Claire Hut. That fundraising effort kicked off December 11th, International Mountain Day, with an IndieGoGo campaign, with the goal of raising $100,000 towards the construction of the first hut.

A Grand Vision

The Spearhead Huts Society’s vision is a grand one. The plan is to construct three modern alpine huts spanning the length of the Spearhead Traverse, the classic alpine route that has become one of the most popular multi-day ski tours in Canada, connecting Blackcomb and Whistler resorts. Winter and summer, the route crosses glaciers, peaks and ridges; linking up some of the most spectacular alpine terrain in the world. With the introduction of huts, the Spearhead Traverse would rival even the most classic hut-to-hut experiences offered in the European Alps.

Skiers setting up to tackle Spearhead Traverse.

A world-class experience. With the introduction of huts, the Traverse would rival the classic routes in Europe. Image: Chris Christie

There are three proposed locations for the huts: Russet Lake, Mt. Pattison and Mt. Macbeth. Each hut will be contemporary in design, complementing the landscape, and welcome 30-40 guests per night at a very affordable price. Amenities include ample cooking areas designed for large groups including propane oven, full plumbing, common dining areas and windows to the stunning views. There will be common areas for lounging and sharing the tales of the day with fellow travelers. Sleeping areas will feature raised bunks, separated from the common social areas. In short, these huts will offer simple luxury in the mountains.

Great strides have been made in the last couple years in order to see this vision through to reality. In 2015, BC Parks issued a Park Use Permit officially recognizing the proposed huts in Garibaldi Park, the protected land in which the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons Ranges lay. Recently, the Society received a generous donation from the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation, and along with grants and other personal donations, these funds have allowed for plans on the first hut at Russet Lake to kick into high gear. However, in order to begin construction in the summer of 2017, the Spearhead Hut Society needs a further $100,000.

Ski touring in British Columbia.

Donate today. The Spearhead Huts Society needs further donations to make this amazing project a reality. Image: Chris Christie

Support the Spearhead Huts on IndiGoGo

By donating to the IndieGoGo campaign, one can pre-purchase hut nights, while also taking advantage of the other great gear rewards from industry partners, including some great perks from Arctery’x. Being a friend of the Spearhead Huts doesn’t just ensure that you snag a coveted reserved night at a hut, or some sweet gear from cool brands. It also means that by donating, people are helping to create a safe sanctuary where generations will be able to share stories, and make new memories in the mountains.

Brittia Thompson