When the Après Ski Cocktail recipe is blended a delicious martini will follow.

The Gibbons name has been an integral part of Whistler’s après scene from the earliest days, long enough to know there are different ways to enjoy après and no one way is best. That’s why the Gibbons team has created a signature cocktail — the Après Ski Cocktail.

No matter how you order it, the Après Ski Cocktail recipe can be adapted to perfectly cap off to your day in the mountains and consumed as a great way to get your evening started. It’s up to you how you enjoy it. Perhaps you need something warm after those Peak Chair laps in a howling snowstorm. Maybe it’s a touch of decadence, delivered in the form of a chilled martini, after a day heliskiing in the backcountry. And, if you’re just itching to get the party started after an epic ski day that puts every other day of the year to shame, then you really can’t go wrong with the Après shooter. The Gibbons bartending team, from the cozy FireRock Lounge and Tapley’s to the legendary Longhorn patio and the late night club scene at Garfinkel’s and Buffalo Bill’s, has designed the Après Ski Cocktail recipe as a custom drink for every kind of après scene. This is Whistler in a glass — delicious and fun with a splash of west-coast sass.

The Gibbons Whistler venues are featured on Bravo’s Après Ski this fall. The Après Ski Cocktail will be on the menu at each venue this winter season.

Après Ski Cocktail Recipe

1oz Baileys Irish Cream
½ oz Deep Cove Premium Vodka
½ oz Van Gogh Double Espresso

Steam It – As a Warmer

*Add 1 oz Baileys, ½ oz of Deep Cove Premium Vodka and ½ oz of Dbl Van Gogh Espresso to a pipin’ hot Americano with the option of sugar rim, whipped topping and sprinkled with Espresso beans and chocolate shavings

The Après Ski Cocktail makes the perfect warmer when added to a hot Americano.

Blend It – As a Martini

*In a blender mix approx. 1cup of ice with 1oz Baileys, ½ oz of Deep Cove Premium Vodka and ½ oz Dbl Van Gogh Espresso and blend for approx. 15 sec. Garnish with a spiral of chocolate syrup and pull a toothpick from the centre out to experiment with cool design

The Après Ski Cocktail recipe can be served in a number of delicious ways.

Shake It – As a Pick-Me Up

*In a shaker pour 1oz Baileys, ½ oz of Deep Cove Premium Vodka and ½ oz Dbl Van Gogh Espresso over ice, cover and shake for approx. 5 sec. and pour into a snifter. Garnish with espresso beans and chocolate stick


Shoot It – As a Party Starter

*Fill the bottom half of the shot glass with Deep Cove Premium Vodka and Dbl Van Gogh Espresso and finish the fill with Baileys and a cinnamon sprinkle

Always enjoy the Après Ski Cocktail with friends.

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