Mudderella Team Shot

Getting deep, down and dirty in Whistler will never feel as good for some of these women this weekend.

It’s called Mudderella and it’s coming to Whistler for the first time on Saturday Sept. 26.

Mudderella is the women’s-only version of Tough Mudder, the gritty, military-style obstacle course test that has taken the world by storm. Tough Mudder descends on Whistler every spring and the town has never been this filthy. And that’s saying something for a town that spends as much time out of doors, rain or shine, as Whistler does.

Mudderella obstacle course

More than two millions Mudders — collectively called Mudder Nation — have crossed the finish line since it began in 2010.

Who knew so many people wanted to feel like a marine for a day?

Enter Mudderella.

Mudderella is a roughly 10-kilometre (five to seven mile) obstacle course, about half the distance of a Tough Mudder, designed by women, for real women. That explains the obstacles like ‘Break the Glass Ceiling’ and ‘Dirty Downward Dog’ and ‘Skinny Jeans’ and ‘Tough Tatas.’ The later, by way of an explanation, involves climbing up a wooden wall with knotted ropes and narrow foot holds and then back down the other side. The trick is to carefully manoeuvre as you breach the top.

Mudderella rope obstacle

So, why do women want to do this? It’s the same reason why two million people have done it before them.

It’s just plain old fun. Just ask any of the Tough Mudders who live around here.

The other thing about Mudderella is… it’s different. It’s not the same-old gym routine, or the endless 10 km running route. This is a new way to put yourself to the test, to see what your body can endure, to scale the un-scalable wall, make it to the end of the dark and narrow tunnel on your belly, balance and crawl and slide your way to the finish line.

Getting muddy at Mudderella.

There’s also a certain kind of camaraderie that only comes from a women’s-only event — where you can face fears together and claim victory as a team. And then, move on to the all-important, celebration. Yes, let’s not forget the celebration.

Mudderlla giant slide

Of all the places in the world to celebrate a victory like Mudderella, it doesn’t get any better than Whistler.

You can soak yourself clean at the Scandinave Spa or you can take your conquered fears to new heights in the mountains. And we know how to do an après-event like nobody else.

There is an official Mudderella Whistler Cocktail Hour at the Firerock Lounge from 8-10 p.m. and the official after-party kicks off at Garfinkel’s. Or you can take part in the Mudderella Bar Hop — a guided tour of five Whistler bars and clubs. This is a great way to truly get the feel for Whistler’s renowned nightlife.

So, ask yourself: When was the last time you crawled around in the mud for the sheer fun and thrill of it?

Mudderella teamwork i n the mud.

Time to put yourself to the test. And, maybe leave your tennis whites at home.

Mudderella will take place on Blackcomb Mountain, in the heart of Whistler Village. Here’s a look at the course map, but for more detailed information follow this link to the Mudderella info pack.

Whistler Mudderella spectator map

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