Guide to Spring Skiing Attire

Spring offers the most enticing weather for skiers and boarders alike. The long days filled with sunshine and soft snow beg for all to escape to the mountains. Literally all, which is why we get to see a variety of skiing fashion trends appearing in the spring. To help you identify trends we’ve put together some of the most spot-able and noteworthy spring skiing attire for you to keep your eye on.

The Spring Breaker

Outfit 1: The Spring Breaker

Look for the person wearing as little clothes as possible, this is the Spring Breaker. Bathing suits are the most common article of clothing worn by the Spring Breaker, but you can often find female versions in crop tops, jean cut off shorts and males skiing shirtless. Accessories include sunglasses, sun hats and knee-high socks. These folks believe that there is only one spring break packing list regardless if you are heading to Miami or Whistler. This spring skiing attire is not practical, and often leads to snow burns and sun burns. Those sporting The Spring Breaker often find themselves excelling at poolside après rather than shredding the slopes.

The Stuck in the 90’s Dude/Dudette

Outfit 2: The Stuck in the 90s Dude

Spotted equally by attire and attitude, this guy/girl is here to party like it’s 1999 and everyone around them knows it. Fitted jeans, preferably in acid wash are often paired with a cut off tee (belly or sleeves). This person looks like a thrift shop shopper, but they aren’t, they are just reliving their glory days in their glory day outfit. Despite the somewhat goofy trend, the Stuck in the 90’s shredders might surprise you with a few tricks in the park or be able to bounce moguls like a champ. If you’re lucky enough to après with a 90’s dreaming skier or snowboarder, you might even leave with their beloved paint splattered hat or their one of a kind sun glasses. They hang on to great things, yes they think their clothes are great things, but they also hang onto great friends.

The Gaper

Outift 3: The Gaper Guy

Gapers can be spotted all season long on the slopes, but they tend to flock in groups come spring. If you are considering joining a gaper posse, you might want to perfect the “gaper-gap” first. Urban Dictionary’s definition of a Gaper Gap: “The large open space on the forehead between the helmet (or hat) and goggles while skiing/riding. Also visible days after in the form of a sun burn or wind burn on the forehead.” While a must for any Gaper is mastering the Gaper Gap, it is not the only thing that sets them apart. Gapers enjoy bright colors, loud geometric prints and, in spring, shorts and capes. Gaper is not only spring skiing attire –  it’s a lifestyle. You must commit to being completely clueless on the mountain, like standing in the landing of a jump. It’s risky business being a Gaper, so give these guys/girls a high-five for making it this far into the season.

The Foxy Fur Folk

Outfit 4: The Foxy Fur Folk

No skis? No board? No problem, all this trend requires is boots. Boots are the only suitable footwear for mountain towns, and they also allude to the fact that you had a day on the slopes. Not concerned with clocking runs, the Foxy Fur Folk care primarily about looking great on the patio, and boy do they ever! Designer sunglasses, perfect hair, stylish gloves and form fitting clothes will make finding this crowd easy. Find this trend at any mountain base all spring.

The Doing It Right Human

Outfit 5: The Doing-It-Right Girl

Spring is slushy and wet so the Doing It Right Human wears GORETEX pants or bibs. Spring is sunny and warm so they wear breathable layers and sunscreen. The Doing it Right Human might have dabbled in other spring skiing attire at one point in time but has put enough hours on the mountain to know what works for an awesome day of spring skiing or riding. They will probably out ski or out ride most, so are most commonly seen getting on the chairlift as they are too fast in motion to see properly. Take note of this trend if your intention for spring skiing is to actually ski.

What’s Your Favourite Spring Skiing Attire?

Are you a die-hard spring skier, doing it right to give you maximum comfort and ability to shred all day on the mountain? Or are you more inclined to have a bit of fun with your spring skiing attire and play up to one of the personas listed above? However you dress it up on the slopes, we’d love to see your mountain attire. Grab that selfie stick and snap away – and don’t forget to share the love on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.