The Gibbons' Bar Hop is an awesome Whistler club crawl.

Is it too bold to start with the fact that the Gibbons Whistler Bar Hop is a killer deal if you’re going out for a night in Whistler? Nah. Let’s lay it all out on the line. This epic Whistler club crawl experience includes four venues, five drinks, express entry, no cover and pizza, all for $60. And that’s the minimum; it also typically includes great times, foggy memories, epic dance moves and new friends. We’ve all travelled with a group of friends when no one can decide where to go and when to rally to get there, and this is exactly why having Bar Hop cover your logistics is a dream. The Bar Hop leaders keep the fun on the go from venue to venue, so you don’t have to worry about your group making the calls. Simply show up at Longhorn Saloon at 8 p.m. on Friday or Saturday – with your pre-purchased Bar Hop ticket of course – and enjoy the night!

Pre-Bar Hop

Prepping for the big night out? Here are few things to consider.

  • If it’s cold, don’t forgo a jacket. Most stops have coat check so stay warm when you’re hopping venues! It’s a good idea to take a picture of your coat check slip on your phone in case it disappears on you.
  • EAT! Don’t forget to eat a decent dinner before heading out for a night on the town. While everyone’s Whistler club crawl experience is different, starting the night with some food in your belly means you’re more prepared for wherever the night leads.
  • Have a copy of your Bar Hop ticket ready for when you arrive at the Longhorn Saloon for a flawless entry into a night of fun!

Longhorn Saloon

Rolling up to the Longhorn Saloon, the Bar Hop check-in is easy to spot. The hosts gave our crew a warm welcome and sent us in the doors with high fives and drink tickets – no complaints here! The iconic yellow umbrellas on the Longhorn patio begged for us to go outside and sit at one of the many fire pit tables as the sun set over the mountains. Known as the best place to après anything, it’s the best place to head après your dinner to kick off your night!

Our Whistler club crawl was off to a great start, and it was on to the next venue when our fearless Bar Hop leader rounded us up. Unexpected bonus – the Bar Hop crew organized hilarious games out front on Longhorn giving us all the chance to win extra drink tickets!

Buffalo Bills

Onward and downstairs we went! The Bar Hop crowd skipped the line and took over the already bumping Buffalo Bills‘ dance floor. Bills was the perfect “next stop” on our Whistler club crawl tour. Two pool tables were in the back, and two dance floors were ready to be tackled with one awesome DJ in the booth. Shot ski before we hop again, anyone?

A DJ excites the crowd in a Whistler club.

Pumping good time. The Whistler DJs know how to please the crowds.

Tapley’s Pub

Just across from Buffalo Bills is Tapley’s Neighbourhood Pub. Known as Whistler’s favorite sports bar, Tapley’s is the locals’ living room and they’ve saved a seat for you! Live music was playing and a few games of darts were being had as we entered. Tapley’s created the perfect environment to get a chance to chat with some of the familiar faces on the crawl aside from our own group. We rested our dance moves and got social before hopping again!


If you’re not already in full party mode, you will be the second you enter Garfinkel’s, or Garfs as the locals call it. The legendary party bar was going off, as per usual! Brides to be were doing muff dives, new acquaintances were dancing, and we were shooting tequila and dancing our faces off. There’s something about this place that just begs you to party.

A couple connect over cream on the dance floor.

Getting rowdy! What happens on Bar Hop stays on Bar Hop.

Looking for an Epic Whistler Club Crawl Experience? Go on the Gibbons’ Bar Hop!

All in all? There really isn’t a better way to do a Whistler club crawl. Do the math and you’ll see it’s a steal of a deal. With drinks running around $8 and cover at least $10 per a venue, you’ve already saved a minimum $20 by purchasing a Bar Hop ticket – not to mention all the time you’ll spend exploring our backyard during the day instead of trying to plan for the night! Some might say it’s the best $60 they’ve spent in town, but why not decide for yourself?

If you’re more of a double duty kind of weekender, the Bar Hop Weekend Party Pass is exactly what you need. VIP treatment two nights in a row with drinks, pizza and no cover for a discounted rate of $90! We’re not saying you have to party two nights in a row… but it’s a pretty damn good deal if it’s on your radar. Give us some FOMO from your night on the Bar Hop by tagging us on Instagram @GibbonsWhistler or hashtagging #thisiswhistler!

Brittia Thompson