Glamping in British Columbia? Check out geodesic domes at Egmont.

What exactly is glamping, anyway? Rather than describing a specific product, the term better represents a state of mind, the incredible feeling of being close to nature, but still with the luxuries of home. It depends on whom you ask, too. The world’s elite might consider a luxury tent camp in the wilds of the Serengeti (like this place) the pinnacle of glamping, while a Sea to Sky dirtbag is happy with a flat place to park their van, preferably with a good view.

Whatever your definition, there is no shortage of astounding views, and luxury tents/yurts/cabins/tipis/treehouses/flat parking spots for glamping in British Columbia.

Glamping British Columbia: A World-Class Experience

For the more refined, BC boasts one of the top rated luxury camping locations in the world, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Tucked away on the west coast of Vancouver Island, north of Tofino, this resort defines rustic luxury. Immersed in the wild West Coast landscape, guests can fish, surf, or even take a helicopter to remote beaches or mountain ridges. Back at the resort, guests stay in white canvas “prospector tents”. These accommodations are nothing like those that the silver and gold hunting hard-men would stay in, though. Heated floors, en suite bathrooms, and many spa-like amenities are just a few of the highlights of these rooms. Epic Coastal views from private porches don’t hurt, either.

Getting Back to Nature

If your idea of tenting is more Gore-Tex and camp stove than down duvet and filet mignon, there are countless campsites in BC that offer a world-class experience for a fraction of the price of high end glamping. Haida Gwaii is somewhere that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and there’s nowhere better to experience the beauty of that area than staying at Agate Beach in Naikoon Provincial Park. While rustic (read, no WiFi or heated floors), campsites are all drive-in, so you can bring all the luxuries of home with you (including that thick air mattress and duvets for your tent). Set up your camp mere steps from the ocean, and savour one of the most naturally beautiful spots in the world.

Whistler Glamping

Closer to Whistler, and offering some very credible glamping necessities, is the Riverside Resort. The resort is located right in the heart of the Whistler Valley, meaning all of the amazing attractions the area offers are literally at your fingertips. The resort offers a variety of accommodations, including cabin and yurt rentals. FYI, there is nothing that gets your glamping cred higher than staying in a yurt. Circular, canvas-covered structures, yurts give one the feeling of staying in the outdoors, but offer a cozy place to retreat to after exploring Whistler local secrets, or an epic day of multi sport activities, or creating your own adventures in Whistler.

Two yurts at the Riverside Resort in Whistler.

Up your game. Staying in a yurt earns you serious glamping cred.

Funky Sleep Structures for Glamping in British Columbia

Looking for more “alternative” forms of glamping in British Columbia? WOODS on Pender, on Pender Island, offers luxurious stays in custom designed Airstream trailers, complete with private outdoor cedar hot tubs. Take your choice of accommodations from the available 7 Airstreams, a Shasta Airflyte, 3 rustic log cabins, 4 luxury canvas glamping tents, a 9 room WOODS Motel, all with access to a delicious farm-to-table restaurant.

Relaxing in a hammock in front of an Airstream at the Woods on Pender.

Kick back and enjoy the woods. Soak in the forest then retire to your private Airstream for glamping with a twist.

If sleeping in funky structures is your jam, then the geodesic domes in Egmont are right up your alley. Egmont is located off the beaten path on the north end of the Sunshine Coast, and the domes are perched along the shore, ensuring beautiful views and a relaxing stay.

In the Interior of BC, near Lytton, guests can stay in Anishinabe-style tipis at the Kumsheen Rafting Resort. The tipis are beautifully built, and feature comfy beds, duvets, linens and towels.

Tipis at Kumsheen Rafting Resort.

Where glamour meets tradition. The tipis at Kumsheen Rating Resort offer comfort in the wilderness.

Living That Lodge Life

If tenting isn’t your style, no matter how fancy the tent, Journeyman Lodge near Whistler offers a remote lodge-based wilderness experience. The cozy, well-appointed lodge is accessed by snowmobile and/or snowcat in the winter, alleviating the need to carry any of your heavy gear. Settle into the 5000 foot square lodge and explore the winter wonderland that surrounds you followed by an even sauna session! Read more about Journeyman Lodge in our hidden gems post.

Journeyman Lodge, as viewed from the outside in daylight.

In favour of four walls. If tenting isn’t your style, Journeyman Lodge delivers an amazing wilderness experience.


With all the British Columbia glamping options available near Whistler and beyond, one quickly realizes that people have been glamping in this stunning province waaaay before the term was coined. From luxury resorts to simple yurts, there are so many options for incredible camping experiences in BC. And if all else fails, just drive up one of many logging roads, find a nice viewpoint and a flat spot for the tent, and kick back. That’s glamping British Columbia style in its simplest form!

Brittia Thompson