Jim Sced

Meet Jim Sced

Despite growing up in Vancouver and shredding part-time in Whistler since he was nine years old, Jim Sced has never had the chance to spend a whole season here… until now. When the opportunity to work for Gibbons Life came up, he could hardly pass it up — living in Whistler for a season and getting in on the ground floor of a local start-up company. This was a chance to do something he’s passionate about, in a place that he loves. Jim knows exactly what it’s like to get a business off the ground; he’s started three of his own, selling one of them just a few years ago. It helps that he has a tech background, and a bachelor’s degree in economics, not to mention an innate entrepreneurial spirit and a love of adventure, especially outdoor adventures. Jim’s season working for Gibbons Life has only served to reinforce something he has long wondered about — he wants to be spending more time in Whistler, not less. A true B.C. boy and mountain man at heart, Whistler is a place that speaks to his soul. He wants to show you why.

Slope Sliding with Jim “Shred”

Jim has pretty much ridden on every in-bound acre at Whistler Blackcomb, and more than a few beyond the boundaries too. An ideal weekend with Jim would include Fresh Tracks on the mountain, followed by those first perfect turns when the mountain is all yours. Ride all morning ’til lunch and then dine at one of Whistler Blackcomb’s on-hill restaurants or have a catered picnic. Jim will then have your legs burning all afternoon long; the après cocktails will never taste as good. Après can continue all night long if you choose, or take a hot tub break, a little nap, and get ready for a night on the town with Jim that kicks off with some fine dining, followed by non-stop fun. Grab a few hours sleep and then it all begins again. Experiencing Whistler with Jim is all about making the most of every minute on the mountains… and off.