Charlotte Fenton

Charlotte Fenton

Charlotte Fenton

Meet Charlotte Fenton

Like many kids who grew up going to ski school, Charlotte Fenton couldn’t wait to snowboard. So, by Grade 7 she traded in her skis for a board and hasn’t looked back since. For this Vancouver kid, Whistler was her early stomping ground, on two planks and on one. It’s a ride that never gets old. Working as an assistant concierge for Gibbons Life this season however, opened up a whole new side of Whistler to Char and all it has to offer, so much more than the epic skiing and riding. Having been a fun-loving and frequent patron of Gibbons establishments over the years, Char loves being a part of a new branch of the company, a company which is so uniquely integrated to the Whistler scene. Char is currently going to school to fuel her other passion — interior design. It turns out Whistler’s eclectic mix of upscale contemporary with old-school ski chalet offers boundless inspiration. And the mountains aren’t too bad either! She might just mix things up again this season by returning to her snow roots… and getting back on skis. After all, they say it’s just like riding a bike.

Shredding the Gnar with Char

In that vein of finding out what else Whistler has to offer beyond skiing and riding, check out options with Char, who’s up for any new adventure. Char can take you for a custom snowshoe or snowmobile tour to a lunch/mulled wine destination. It’s always fun to see what’s out there just beyond Whistler’s boundaries in the Callaghan Valley to the south or Pemberton to the north. Head back in to Whistler to hit up the spa, guaranteed to warm you up, body and soul, after a day outdoors. Then, top it off with a great dinner and drinks in Whistler Village.