Bobby Crowder

Meet Bobby Crowder

Bobby Crowder first started coming to Whistler for the annual Pride and Ski Festival about a decade ago. That weeklong winter festival is always as good time to visit but Bobby soon found out that any weekend in Whistler can quickly turn into a good time. Originally hailing from a small town in Alberta, Bobby loves Whistler’s small town feel and yet… this is a place where you can still party like it’s the city. A true family guy at heart, of his 15 tattoos, Bobby says the anchor around his wrist is his favourite — his dad has the same one. Working as a concierge for Gibbons Life has surpassed all his expectations. Though he could say it’s the skiing or the spa visits or the fine dining or the adventures that make it awesome, in the end, for Bobby, it all comes down to the relationships with the guests. That, he says, is the true highlight for him.

Bobby and the Bungee Experience

He won’t make you go naked, an experience he describes as truly freeing, but he will make you have a good time at Whistler’s only bungee jump. This is a 50-metre (160 ft) jump over the glacial rushing waters of Cheakamus River. The area is surrounded by lush coastal forest, all the better to muffle you screams on the way down. But bungee jumping is just the tip of the iceberg for a day or weekend with Bobby. It could begin with a helicopter ride up from the city, followed by a night on the town, and topped off with some time at the spa. You can decide how it will all unfold at Gibbons Life — Bobby is up for anything.