Zenon Murtagh riding in Whistler.

We’ve launched a new ambassador program at Gibbons where we connect with our staff members to learn about their passion and how we can be part of pushing them forward.

For Zenon Murtagh, this is downhill mountain biking. Here’s his report from the field as he competes in the elite category for the BC Cup Downhill Series:

BC Downhill Cup upcoming events schedule.

Whistler – Saturday, June 28

It is always a great feeling competing somewhere that feels like home. Being from Austrailia I’m used to the heat and the dust, and this is what I got this past weekend in Whistler.

The track was so rough by the end of it the dust clouds were hiding most of the rocks.

Saturday’s morning itinerary started with a few practice runs before the elite rider qualifications began. Practice was hard in the heat trying to get as many runs in to finalize and memorize my lines. I had to take breaks every few runs to rehydrate and compose myself – I couldn’t risk destroying myself before qualifying that afternoon. I managed to get through practice with only one rear flat tire and one crash where I punched a tree trying to push through a section too fast.

 Zenon Murtagh racing in Whistler as part of the BC Cup Downhill Series.

In qualifying I decided to tone it back a notch. I focused on hitting my lines and making it to the bottom in one piece. I qualified mid-pack with a bit more left in the tank for my race run.

Sunday was race day and I started with two practice runs to get my head in the zone. Once the racing started I had two hours until it was my turn at the start gate. During the race I was a little off line in the rock garden section and then had a few awkward stalls in my turns. I crossed the finish line with a decent time, a little slower than I’d hoped but still feeling good about the race.

For the Silver Star race next weekend I’m going to attack the course more – get a little more agressive. I’m excited for the next race given it’s on a mountain I’ve never even seen before.

Silver Star resort

I’m hungry to do well and showcase the skills I know I have.

I would like to thank Gibbons and Garfinkels for all the support they are continuing to provide me, its an amazing help and I couldn’t be more proud to be racing and representing such an awesome company and brand.

 Zenon Murtagh in his Garfinkel's mountain bike jersey.

Until next week…

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