Moving skiing in the direction of surfing, feel and appreciate the difference that locally produced, hand shaped, custom skis make. Capture the energy of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains in every turn.


The Foon Difference.

Whether you’re an expert Big Mountain shredder that’s been ripping impressive lines for decades, someone who wants to progress from the blue slopes to more difficult and inspiring terrain, or a youngster that’s just figuring the game out: If it’s easier to ski, you will ski better and have more fun. Check out the Foon Skis line and find out what makes our handcrafted and custom skis so special.

Handcrafted by Big Mountain Skiing Pioneer Johnny “Foon”

Gibbons has partnered with skiing pioneer Johnny “Foon” Chilton in Pemberton, British Columbia (Whistler’s North Shore). After 15 years as a pro rider, designing for big name manufacturers, and constantly being told “that ski can’t be mass produced”,  Johnny founded Foon Skis in 2011.

Locally Harvested Yellow Cedar Wood Core

The wood core of every Foon Ski  is made from a solid piece of locally harvested yellow cedar. This is  some of the best wood available for making skis, but it only grows on the slopes of the Coast Range from Northern Washington State to Alaska.  This sub-alpine environment creates  a wood that is as strong as traditional hardwoods, but much lighter.

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Foon Skis are available for complimentary demonstration through the Gibbons Concierge team. Please e-mail us for availability and to set up a demonstration.

Go Custom

When you order a custom flex ski we will discuss your preferences and skiing style with you. Then shape the core of the ski to match. All Foon Skis are available in custom models.

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