Summertime bbqs are more fun with portable speakers.

With summer winding down, you need to take every chance you can get to soak up the sun and relax. Getting some friends together for a barbeque to enjoy the waning BC rays is a great way to get the best out of your last days of summer, but it won’t be a party without the proper sound system. Here are five of this season’s hottest portable speakers to get your BBQ rockin’.

Bose Soundlink Mini ($180)

The Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker

The Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker. Photo: iMore

You can’t fit it in your pocket, but the Bose Soundlink Mini packs a remarkable punch. With little to no vibration under stress, this speaker is equipped with multiple bass radiators and signature Bose technology that delivers unmatched sound quality for speakers in its size and price range. It can hold up to seven hours of battery life, perfect for those long days of grilling out in the sun.

Harman Infinity One ($249.95)

Harman Infinity 1

Harman Infinity 1. Photo: Oluv’s Gadgets

Although it’s one of the more expensive speakers on the market, the Harman Infinity One is also one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there. About the size of a small thermos, this speaker is equipped with passive radiators, which make it seem like the sound is coming from a much larger system. The speaker produces rich, deep bass tones and vibrant surround sound, and it’s easy to transport. The Harman Infinity One is also equipped with NFC connectivity and a USB charger.

Sony SRS-X5 ($119.99)

Sony SRS X5

Sony SRS X5. Photo: Machu CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s a bit larger than most portable speakers, but the Sony SRS-X5 is unlike any other portable speaker on the market today. Unlike similar speakers of its kind which use bass radiators, the SRS-X5 has a dedicated subwoofer, along with two high-frequency mid-range drivers. It offers some of the most dynamic sound ranges of any speaker available on the market. Although it’s not as easy to transport, its crystal clear sound quality and epic bass levels make it the perfect speaker for cranking some tunes in the backyard on a sunny day.

Braven BRV-Pro ($149.99)

Braven BRV Pro

Braven BRV Pro. Photo: Digital Trends

If you’re a tech junkie who wants to take your speakers literally anywhere, then the BRV-Pro is the perfect portable system for you. It’s waterproof, so you could even mount it on a surfboard if you wanted to. Described by some as the “GoPro” of Bluetooth speakers, the BRV-Pro is equipped to be compatible with a host of cool accessories including a rechargeable battery pack, GoPro action mounts, and even a solar charging panel. Although this speaker lacks a deep bass punch, it offers crisp, clear mid and high-level audio output, perfect for filling the room at any party, or getting down outdoors.

UE Roll ($99)

UE Roll

UE Roll. Photo: The Gadget Flow

The  lucky last speaker on our list is something a little different. UE is no stranger to crafting high-quality, portable speakers, and the UE Roll is no exception. It’s sleek, durable, and it sounds great. Its circular dome shape allows it to project better than most Bluetooth speakers while still remaining extremely compact. It’s also water, dust, and stain resistant. The UE Roll comes in a wide variety of colors, and is equipped with a high-grade bungee cord, allowing you to hang it virtually anywhere. Unlike most Bluetooth speakers, UE has created an app for the Roll that will offer periodic software updates, which means the speaker’s technology will improve over time.

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