Creating your own Whistler adventures might just involve waterfalls and hammocks.

How to Have an Epic, One-Of-A-Kind Whistler Time

Whistler adventures await at every corner of our gorgeous mountain town, and we couldn’t help but show them off to you in our latest video. It was a journey, an adventure and one amazing weekend to create this film. While the backdrop is nothing short of stunning, the film isn’t to merely show off one beautiful location in the Sea to Sky region. It’s about kindling inspiration for you to experience Whistler your own way.

Whether that’s connecting with nature in an outdoor yoga experience, discovering epic Whistler local secrets, taking part in a weekend’s worth of multi-sport activities, or exploring some of the world’s best hiking trails, we want to inspire you to create your own Whistler adventures.

Five Steps to Creating Your Own Whistler Adventures

Craving an experience that’s unique enough to call your own? Maybe your idea of the perfect vacation isn’t one that exists just yet. It’s hard to put into words how rewarding it can be to create your own adventure that isn’t in a book or preplanned by a guide. We love guides and expeditions here in Whistler because there is a lot to do and see that you absolutely need a guide for. We’re also down to talk about self-propelled adventures that put you in charge of coordinating the fun! Exactly how do you plan epic, one-of-a-kind Whistler adventures? There aren’t exact rules on how to have a good time, but we’ve got a few steps that should help keep you on track for an epic experience.

Step One: Seek Inspiration

Choosing what to do, this is the hardest part for me because I’m indecisive. When you live in a place like Whistler where endless adventuring opportunities surround you, it’s hard to pick one! When the weather gives you a green light, not much is out of the question. Is it viewing a sunrise at a beautiful alpine lake you’re after? Maybe a morning paddle in a canoe, prowling the unknown shorelines of a new lake, searching for a camping spot or hidden waterfall?

If it’s a bit dreary outside, hiking on a forested trail can offer protection from the elements and bring you to some pretty places. Don’t be discouraged by the weather, instead, pack the Gortex and find a moody lake to admire.

Does your heart skip a beat when you see images of sunsets, hammock hangs, campfires, knife-edge summits or rushing waterfalls? Whistler literally has it all. Find what makes you tick for adventure and move on to step two.

If you’re looking for inspiration check out #thisiswhistler or #whislife hashtags on Instagram.

There's inspiration in abundance in the Whistler outdoors.

Be inspired. No matter where you look, there’s beauty and inspiration in Whistler.

Step Two: Make a Plan

So, you’ve chosen something to do or see, now it’s time to make it a reality. Plans can be loose or very strict depending on the desired objective. Regardless of the intensity of your adventure, it is important to pack properly and be prepared. Research thoroughly, collect information on your journey from online and print resources. Don’t forget to pack the appropriate gear – whether that’s a coffee and a full tank of gas to explore a new Forest Service Road or a full mountaineering kit. Be sure to cover your bases with ‘just-in-case’ and ‘what-if’ gear so that you’re fully prepared! Here are a few checklists to help you start planning your Whistler adventures:

What to Pack:

  • Map with a marked route and desired location highlighted
  • Appropriate clothing, including gear for wet and cold weather
  • Necessary equipment for any intended activities
  • Small repair kit
  • First aid kit
  • Headlamp
  • Extra water and snacks, in addition to the food and drink you have planned on consuming

Before You Go:

  • Gather information and resources
  • Determine your estimated time of arrival, decide on a leaving time and establish a turnaround time
  • Alert someone of your plans and return time

Information and Resources:

  • Clark Geomatics: Clark Geomatics creates maps specific to the Whistler area showing lakes, hiking trails, waterfalls, lookouts and zoning for both winter and summer routes.
  • Whistler Hiatus: A website that lists many of the local hikes with directions and difficulty.
  • Scrambles in Southwest BC by Matt Gunn: A guidebook for rope free scrambles in the Whistler area.
  • Whistler Hikers: A Facebook group with beta on conditions of trails and for those looking for hiking buddies.
  • South Coast Backcountry Touring: A Facebook group for year-round snow searching junkies in the Sea to Sky corridor.
  • Escape Route: The friendly Escape Route staff are very knowledgeable about local exploration and are great at pointing you in the right direction.
Gather your gear and your best adventure companions, and get ready for an epic adventure.

It’s all in the company. Be sure to have the right gear, and right companions, to make your Whistler adventure epic.

Step Three: Recruit Your Adventure Dream Team

Half the fun of your Whistler adventures is enjoying the company of those you share the experiences with. The best adventure companions have some kind of experience, won’t expect you to do all the planning and will share the workload, such as creating a fire, collecting water and setting up camp. Ideally, they are also equally stoked on the outing, level headed and dig the outdoors just like you!

Step Four: Experience

The destination is always the main drive for getting somewhere, but remember to enjoy the journey, that part should be fun too! Don’t stare at your feet while walking, keep your head up and take it all in! Embrace all that surrounds you and don’t pass up any opportunity for fun.

Seek more adventure than you planned for, it’s usually lurking just around the corner or requires a bit of creativity – but there is always a chance to embrace more than you could have ever expected. Sometimes you need to ask yourself, “why not?” Why not hang suspended hammocks over a beautiful waterfall? Since we have all the right gear and the rope skills to do it, it would be rude not to, right? Be ready for it all, but only do it all if it makes sense and it’s safe. Calculated creativity is key to making the most out of any Whistler adventure!

Relaxing in a hammock above a waterfall in Whistler.

Reap the rewards. Adventuring can be hard work – but it sure does pay off!

Step Five: Sleep and Repeat

Unpack your bag, shower off the wilderness that followed you home, rest and find another time window to do it all again – only on a completely different kind of adventure next time. Talk to others, do some more research and keep working on that Whistler adventure bucket list!

Let Gibbons Create Your Whistler Adventures

So you’ve watched the video and read the post, and now you’re just bursting with energy to get out there. The problem is you’ve never been to Whistler and don’t know the first thing about its amazing landscape, epic locations, or awesome activities. Not to worry, this doesn’t mean a unique Whistler adventure, tailored exclusively to your needs, is out of reach. Contact our expert Whistler concierge services. With local knowledge and all the right contacts, they can plan all the details of your dream adventure, and leave you to experience it.

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.