Whistler Village Beer Festival celebrations in Olympic Plaza.

School’s back in session: Adults raise your glasses.

It’s time to turn the page on another awesome summer full of family fun. For someone who values that time as much as I do, this past summer was a wonderful few months to see my kids explore and expand their minds outside of the classroom. I feel so lucky that I’m able to spend this time with them while they’re young.

Having said that, we’re all ready to be back at school.

In fact, now it’s time for a little kid-free fun. That’s some of the best feedback we get from our Whistler Village Beer Festival, which has become a staple event in the Whistler’s summer line-up these last few years. People love that this is a chance to celebrate with friends, to hang out in the sun and catch up with old mates, to leave the kids at home. The kids have had their summer fun; it’s our time now.

The festival is packed with different events over five days but the main events are the two afternoons at Whistler Olympic Plaza. Kids aren’t allowed. That means the adults are focused on simply enjoying themselves — an afternoon hanging out, trying out different beers, listening to good music, relaxing. When was the last time you had the chance to do that without the kids?

I love that our beer festival has become a way for adults to celebrate back to school with a final summer blowout.  And the best thing of all — the event ends at 5 p.m. But be warned, as we’ve seen this all before: Make sure the babysitter is flexible!
Inevitably, you’ll want to keep the party going. Five o’clock rolls around all too quickly and, in Whistler, there’s always a place where the party keeps going long after the kids have gone to bed.

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Joey Gibbons

He has been throwing great parties in the mountains ever since he was in high school. Now, as CEO of Gibbons, he is showing the world Whistler’s magic. Joey is passionate about his business and about his community, always looking for new ways to fuse the two together. He knows there is no better place to work and play and raise his family.