Lama Marut on a motorbike.

Lama Marut: Self Help Through Selflessness

On July 11, 2014 Whistler is welcoming spiritual director, Lama Marut, to its beautiful public library. His talk entitled I Am Because You Are: Personal Identity Within Community calls for a revolution in the way we look at our lives, suggesting that through selflessness we’ll find a much greater reward than unbridled egoism.

The ingredients and final product - A Canadian Caesar Cocktail.

The Clam Barrier of the Canadian Caesar Cocktail

Over 350 million Caesars are consumed each year in Canada, but it’s possibly their “special ingredient” that keeps the Caesar within the confines of Canada. This would be “Clamato juice”, and as the name suggests its a mixture of tomato juice and clam broth. This is your Bloody Mary with a distinctly fishy finish.

Whistler Touch Rugby

The Story of Odd Shaped Balls in Whistler

Whistler has a seemingly odd affiliation with rugby, and more recently touch rugby. Given the fact most Canadians have no idea what touch rugby even is, and that Whistler has only one actual rugby-pitch – it’s been a labour of love for those involved.

Embrace The Rain: Whistler Rainy Day Activities

Embrace The Rain: Whistler Rainy Day Activities

The skies of Whistler are overcast, ominous clouds are bringing the rain spring is known for and we all start to feel a bit gloomy. Living in a temperate rainforest gives us the lush, green landscape we like to play in, but it also means we have to put up with a lot of H2O. This spring we’ve decided to embrace the rain, instead of whine about it – like Gene Kelly we’re planning to dance in it if we have to.

Gibbons Life Big Air

WSSF Gibbons Life BIG AIR Highlights 2014

The Gibbons Life Big Air final stunned the whistler crowds with a splendid showcase of skills on Saturday night. With a lineup full of Olympians, X Games medalists and recent internet sensations, it was always going to be a great show.

An artist in action at the Whistler Art Throw Down

What the Hell Is a Whistler Art Throw Down?

The Whistler ‘Art Throw-Down’ series enlists eight artists to create a piece of work live on stage within 30 minutes with a crowd of people cheering them on. The evening is split into two rounds with the winners of both battling to be crowned ‘King or Queen of Canvas’. It’s the audiences votes that count, so while the DJ rips out the tunes the artists aim to impress.

Couple drinking in Whistler

Whistler Village Beer Festival set for Sept. 14

The neat thing about B.C. is there has been a resurgence in the growth of hops here, so this craft beer revolution is hot and heavy,” Harrison explains. “B.C. and the Pacific Northwest can produce hops unlike anywhere else on this continent. Beers like India Pale Ale are a hot trend in beer because the hops we produce here are so tasty and smell so incredible. They add enormous flavour characteristics to the beers.

Whistler Village Beer Festival

Whistler Village Beer Festival – this weekend!

When Prohibition ended in 1933, President Roosevelt ended his speech with the now famous quote “What America needs now is a drink”. After all its folly, even the President realized how important beer is to society.

Between Two Kegs is the Whistler Village Beer Festival's new web series.

Packed Crowd at Inaugural Whistler Village Beer Festival

Nearly 2,000 people filtered through the festival grounds at Olympic Plaza to sample more than 100 different beers on tap from 45 regional and international brewers. With the sell-out crowd driving Village business, and room night bookings pacing ahead of the same weekend in 2012, according to Tourism Whistler, event organizer Liam Peyton saw the festival as a major success for the resort, with plans to improve guest circulation for next year’s iteration.