A Guide to the Best Ski Goggles 2016

Every season ski gear improves by leaps and bounds, allowing us to hit the slopes with the very best. When it comes to ski goggles, the expectations are high; fog management, contrast, fit, convenience, and style all play a role, sometimes making it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Hence, we have put together a quick guide to help you out. Keep reading to check out the best ski goggles of 2016.

Bern Eastwood

Bern Unlimited Eastwood Goggles in Black with Grey Light Mirror Lens

Bern Unlimited Eastwood in Black/Grey Light Mirror

The ski gear industry is full of firsts, and this time it’s a forward-thinking, green attitude. The Eastwood, the new premium goggle by Bern, is the first ski goggle made from 100% recyclable materials. Also, as the first soft foam goggle frame in the industry, the Eastwood is lightweight and easily conforms to the face.

The spherical lens gives you great peripheral vision, excellent airflow, and minimum fogging, making it a solid first contender on our list of the best ski goggles of 2016.

Scott LCG Compact

Scott LCG Compact Goggle in Neon Red/Solar Black Chrome

Scott LCG Compact in Neon Red/Solar Black Chrome

Scott have reduced the size of their popular LCG goggle to bring you a new compact version. Sporting the same award-winning Lens Change Slider system, Anti-Fog Lens Treatment, and Air Control System, the LCG Compact also brings to the table a new two-pin slicing, tool-free, Scott Fit System that allows a perfect seal and face fit.

Zeal HD2 Camera Goggle

Zeal Optics HD2 Camera Goggle in Phoenix Rising/Phoenix Mirror

Zeal Optics HD2 Camera Goggle in Phoenix Rising/Phoenix Mirror

The age of technology is truly a fascinating time to live in and Zeal is taking full advantage of it with its new HD2 Camera Goggles. With a lighter frame and improved lens technology, the standard HD2 is already in the running for the title as one of the best ski goggles of 2016.

However, the HD2 Camera Goggle goes above and beyond. With wireless technology transferring camera footage to your phone, you can film every exciting moment on the slopes and have access to it instantly. Be the envy of the office simply by tapping the app on your smart phone and sharing your favorite exhilarating moments with everyone.

Marker 16:9+

Marker 16:9+ Goggles in Gumball Aqua/Green Plasma Mirror

Marker 16:9+ in Gumball Aqua/Green Plasma Mirror

This ski season, Marker has brought you a smaller version of their classic goggle form, by combining less frame with more lens to ensure great vision. NMT Optics (Nictitating Membrane Technology) deliver a scratch-resistant surface that prevents residue such as water, sweat, dust, and fingerprints, from sticking to the lens.

In addition, the SuperFit Frame Design guarantees a good fit for all face shapes. Described as “always and everywhere” goggles, the Marker 16:9 easily makes our list of the best ski goggles of 2016.

Smith I/O 7

Smith Optics I/O7 in Fire/Red Sol X Mirror

Smith Optics I/O7 in Fire/Red Sol X Mirror

Smith has stripped away everything but the essentials with the Smith I/O 7. These goggles feature a large spherical lens and a single-pivot quick release system for easy lens changes. The AirEvac ventilation and 5X anti-fog technology are nothing to joke about and make these goggles perfect for any weather. With excellent style, fit, performance, and a lifetime warranty, Smith proves that sometimes less is more.

Abominable Labs A-bom

Abominable A-Bom in Cyanotic

Abominable Labs A-Bom in Cyanotic

Abominable could not be more proud to bring you a ski goggle that could change the face of the industry. The A-Bom is the first snow goggle in the world with active anti-fog technology. This goggle goes beyond fog resistance with new, patented, Klair technology, that works by placing a heat-conductive film between the goggle’s two-part lens. The film is then heated by a battery, completely eliminating fog.

Keeping the goggle set to “Active” mode ensures that its lens is kept fog-free throughout the entire day, while the “Boost” mode allows you to eliminate it only when you need to. This ultramodern technology makes the A-bom a solid contender as one of the best ski goggles for the 2016 season.

Oakley Flight Deck Prizm

Oakley Flight Deck Prizm in Black/Prizm Jade Iridium

Oakley Flight Deck Prizm in Black/Prizm Jade Iridium

Oakley’s new Flight Deck Prizm pays homage to the company’s solid understanding of style, as these impressive rimless lens, streamlined goggles are available in 11 colors.

The team at Oakley have perfected their Prizm lens optics system to control light transmission, giving you colors that maximize contrast and improve visibility. The medium-fit is perfect for smaller faces while subtle frame notches at the temples allow compatibility with most eyewear. Finally, the dual-pane, spherical lens provides the largest field of vision on the market for the skier who wants to see it all.

Anon M3

Anon Optics Bode Merrill M3 in Pro Model/Dark Smoke

Anon Optics Bode Merrill M3 in Pro Model/Dark Smoke

The Anon M3 takes interchangeable lenses to the next level. These goggles use 18 magnets to connect the lens and the frame, ensuring there are no gaps between the two, and making for one of the fastest lens changes on the market.

Anon’s Magnetic Facemask Integration technology also uses four magnetic connection points to seal your MFI facemask to your goggles, giving you a closer fit for better insulation and ultimate protection. These goggles also come complete with anti-fog technology and triple layer face foam, making them the perfect final contender on our list of 2016’s best ski goggles.

Finding the Best Ski Goggles of 2016

With brands constantly pushing the boundaries of snow technologies, consistently developing the next best thing for ski goggles, there really is something for everyone when it comes to finding the best ski googles. Whether you’re the ultra tech-head, or looking for the best visibility for any conditions, ultimately finding the right goggles for you comes down to the fit and your personal preference.

If you have a Whistler escape planned for the 2015-2016 season and are wondering where to source the best ski googles from, then contact our helpful Whistler concierge services. Not only do they have the insider knowledge on where to buy the best gear, they can plan your entire Winter getaway.

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