Brunch, the meal that encompasses socialization at its finest. Brunch is for catching up with friends. Brunch helps smooth over rough and maybe slightly hung over mornings. Brunch is the most relaxed approach to a great day. We kind of love all things brunch if you can’t tell and, lucky for us, options for brunch in Whistler are as plentiful as they are delicious, with more than a few outstanding brunch spots. We really took one for the team and hit up what we consider the top 7 Whistler brunch locations and sampled the best sweet and savory dishes to give you the details.

Whistler-based food lover and talented filmer Kris Harris has offered up his two cents on each dish and for those of you that don’t speak foodie but appreciate a flavorful plate described in everyday terms, I (Abby Cooper) will be translating! Each location has a unique atmosphere and its own set of dishes to boast.

Stonesedge Kitchen

There’s just something about Eggs Benedict and Mimosas that just scream BRUNCH! Stonesedge has an array of benny options for the sweet and savory to please all. The bunch menu surely doesn’t end there, from classic to breaky hash there’s something for everyone. The cozy luxurious cabin vibes make this the perfect pre-mountain spot to get your day rolling. Sleeper-inner? No problem, brunch is available until 3 pm every day.

Benny’s and Mimosas just got together at Stonesedge.

Alpine Café

Locals love Alpine Café. This gem of a place makes all of its scrumptious dishes in-house and is located outside the main village, which means its patio always has a spot open for your brunch in Whistler. Something unique about Alpine Café is that they have a gondola stationed on the patio that you can reserve for a delicious fondue dinner in the winter – can’t wait to experience this next winter!

Savory Dish: Mexican hash from the Alpine Cafe

Sampling the savory. The Mexican hash from the Alpine Café.

Savory Dish: Mexican Hash

Kris’s Review: The Mexican hash has a wicked variety. In-house made jalapeno cheese bread and the Pico de Gallo ads a nice kick to the meal.
Abby’s Review: This isn’t your typical hash. Flavorful ingredients like fresh salsa and spinach come to life in this dish. The side of jalapeño cheese bread is to die for.

Sweet Dish: Caramel Pecan Cream Cheese Bar

Kris’s Review: The Alpine treats menu is constantly expanding. The pecan caramel cream cheese square is surprisingly light and goes perfectly with a coffee.
Abby’s Review: YUM! The pecans almost trick you into thinking it’s slightly healthy and I’m okay with that. A great grab and go breakfast if you woke up with a sweet tooth craving that needs to be addressed but you don’t want to feel too guilty about later.


It’s worth the wait. This place is bumping on the weekends so get there early. Most dishes come with a “smoothie shot”, a tasty shot filled with fruit goodness – so don’t leave it untouched. The staff at Elements really set this place apart. You will never find your coffee cup empty, your stomach still hungry or leave with out a good chuckle.

The caramelized banana chocolate stuffed French toast from Elements.

Double the YUM. The generous serving of the French toast is perfect for two – if you can bare to share.

Savory Dish: Split Benny [Tomato + Avocado and Spinach + Goats Cheese]

Kris’s Review: Known for their Bennys, Elements has a long list of choices and you can even order a split if you can’t make up your mind. Locals tip: enjoy a mimosa at the bar while you wait.
Abby’s Review: I’m a sucker for Eggs Benny and this is no exception. Savory beyond compare, but fresh. The pesto on the Tomato and Avocado Benny really brings it to life, as does the sundried tomato hollandaise on the Spinach and Goat Cheese Benny.

Sweet Dish: Caramelized Banana Chocolate Stuffed French Toast

Kris’s Review: The chocolate and banana stuffed French toast is without a doubt the most filling menu item.
Abby’s Review: A plate to share! The portion is BIG in size and in taste. The warm gooey insides are delightfully sweet.


If Brickworks wasn’t on your radar for brunch in Whistler, then it should be. This place has big bright windows, comfortable seats and good eats.

The veggie skillet from Brickworks in Whistler.

Piled perfection. The veggie skillet from Brickworks.

Savory Dish: Veggie Skillet

Kris’s Review: The veggie skillet is a unique alternative to the classic 2-egg brunch.
Abby’s Review: Skillets are one of my favorite plates to order because of the flavor. The pile of veggies was perfection. Simple spices and great texture surrounded by house potatoes and topped with chutney were unspeakably good.

Sweet Dish: Waffles with Berry Jam

Kris’s Review: The waffles are simple and delicious. Complete with a side of berry jam
Abby’s Review: My kind of sweet. The berries brought the waffle to life. A classic done right.

Table Nineteen

Not sure if you could find a better view for brunch. Sitting outside in the peace and quiet of the patio you’ll soak in vistas of Wedge Mountain, Green Lake and the green of the Nicklaus North golf course. Table Nineteen is the ultimate relaxing location with plenty of health-conscious and creative brunch options.

The Table Nineteen Breakfast Crostata.

Icecream with a view. The Breakfast Crostata from Table Nineteen.

Savory Dish: Whistler Scramble

Kris’s Review: Presented in a skillet, the scramble has a huge range of taste in a manageable portion size.
Abby’s Review: Here are a few of my favorite things, ham, brie, baby kale, herbs, truffle oil and fruit. Oh, and they are in one dish? Call it love at first bite and you’d be more than right.

Sweet Dish: Breakfast Crostata

Kris’s Review: The fruit stuffed Crostata, topped with vanilla ice cream is the perfect dish to share as you watch golfers tee off on the 16th.
Abby’s Review: Ice cream for breakfast? My inner child was delighted! Despite the ice cream, this dish wasn’t over the top sweet. The berries and warm but crisp pastry kept it perfectly balanced.

Beverage: 19th Green Smoothie

Kris’s Review: Hands down, the best smoothie in Whistler and the healthiest menu option across the board.
Abby’s Review: I was really into the parsley and ginger combo. This could easily become a really healthy morning addiction.

Crepe Montagne

Don’t let the name fool you; this place has more than just crepes. Crepe Montagne has sweet and savory options for crepes and other dishes alike. Expect traditional French flare right here in the Whistler Village at Crepe Montagne.

The Eggs Benedict from Crepe Montagne.

A savory-lover’s delight: The Eggs Benedict from Crepe Montagne.

Savory Dish: Eggs Benedict

Kris’s Review: The side of fruit is a great way to complement this hardy set of Eggs Benedict.
Abby’s Review: The thick and flavorful hollandaise sauce really took savory to a new level. If you just can’t get enough in the savory department this is for you.

Sweet Dish: Banana and Nutella Crepe

Kris’s Review: If you’re into sweets to start off your day, the Nutella, banana crepe has you covered.
Abby’s Review: Whipping cream was a nice touch to this sweet treat. A warning, must order with a serious sweet tooth.

Longhorn Saloon &Grill

The Longhorn patio has mountain views and the fastest access to both Whistler’s and Blackcomb’s gondolas upon leaving. The ultimate location for everything, brunch in Whistler included.

Enjoy mimosas on the Longhorn patio

Cheers to the great day ahead! Get stuck into the fun early with mimosas on the Longhorn patio.

Savory Dish: Bacon and Egger

Kris’s Review: Grab and go, or sit and relax as people start to make their way up the mountain. Sitting on the patio and enjoying a Mimosa with this dish is a great way to start the day.
Abby’s Review: The Bacon Egger is so versatile and can make those of all priorities happy. Enjoy this breakfast on the patio before hitting up the bike park, or take it to go and eat it on the chair before hitting the trails.

Beverage: Mimosas

Kris’s Review: As the crowds are rushing to get on the first lift, sit back and watch the mayhem settle while you enjoy a mimosa or two.
Abby’s Review: Mimosas and a sunny patio with a view – do I need to say more?

Enjoying the Best Brunch in Whistler

Brunching options are in abundance here in Whistler and we’re proud of it! Hit up any of these venues to start your morning right!

If slow starts to the morning, delicious food shared with friends, and amazing views to top it all off sounds like your perfect way to spend time, then head on up the Sea to Sky and spend some in Whistler. Our friendly concierge service can coordinate your perfect getaway – even if it is to indulge in fabulous brunches each morning, no judgment here!

Abby Cooper

A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, year-round snow seeker, photographer and writer.