Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bar Hop Whistler superior to others in town?

Bar Hop is the premium party provider in Whistler. We go to more popular venues than our competitors, offer a wider selection of drinks, have larger events and are also the #1 Rated Nightlife Experience in Whistler on Trip Advisor! In addition to all of the above, we are ran by the Gibbons group – which means 4 of the 5 venues we go to, we own, so it offers you as the guest a guarantee that everything will be running as smooth as possible!

Where do you start?

We meet at the front entrance of the Longhorn Saloon located in the Carleton Lodge building. We have Bar Hop Banners set up outside the door.

Can I go back to other venues on my own once we arrive at the final venue?

Short answer, YES! All venues are subject to capacity though, so if certain venues are full, this is outside our control.

How far is it between each venue?

Depends on your powerwalking skills, although the longest walk in between venues is about 4-5 minutes.

What type of music is played?

This varies venue to venue. Longhorn Saloon and Tapley’s sometimes offer live music. Most of the time it will be a DJ. The music covered in one night can range from House, Top 40, RNB, EDM, Classic Mash ups and Rock.

Is there food included?

Yes. We give everyone an Avalanche Pizza Co coupon to be used on the night anytime until 3am. People tactically use this as a refueling option rather than a standalone meal. So make sure you have enough to eat so you can party all night long!

Do you do Group rates?

For sure, shoot us a message and we will go from there!

What is the average age on Bar Hop?

We have had people celebrating their 19 th Birthdays with us, to throwing staggette parties or having a high school reunion! The ages vary although it is usually between 25-35.

Is there a photographer?

Yes! We have an epic local photographer who joins us every weekend. The photos are posted on our Facebook page.

Where can I buy tickets in person when I’m in Whistler?

Tickets can be purchased at Garfinkel’s from 12-7pm every Friday and Saturday, the Longhorn Saloon Patio from 3pm onwards every Friday and Saturday and also the Gibbons Whistler HUB located in the shops in the Westin at 111-4090 Whistler Way 9am-5pm every day.

Which locations do you go to?

We meet at the front entrance of the Longhorn Saloon located in the Carleton Lodge building. We have Bar Hop Banners set up outside the door.

How long are you at each venue?

We are at each venue for 1 hour.

Are the venues Bars or Clubs?

Longhorn Saloon and Tapley’s are Pubs/Bars, Buffalo Bills, Maxx Fish and Garfinkel’s are all underground nightclubs.

What is the dress code?

Casual. Enclosed footwear. Party shirts and attire are encouraged.

What drinks can I choose from with the Bar Hop Coupons?

Any well drink or highball such as Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rye etc + shots, any domestic beer or BC wine. Basically anything besides high-end liquor or cocktails!

What happens if I can’t get there at 8pm?

We don’t leave the Longhorn until 9pm – so if you know you can’t arrive prior to then, reach out to us and advise what time you will be arriving. We can have someone meet you at the second venue if you are running late.

How old do I have to be?

Minimum age of 19. Every guest must bring two pieces of ID. One government issued piece of photo ID and one supporting piece such as a credit card etc.

Is it mostly guys or girls?

It is usually quite even although in Winter there is statistically slightly more guys and in the Summer more girls.

Any other questions?

Either call 604 967 BEER (2337) or email