Peak2Peak Gondola over a snowy Whistler valley.

We’re listening to all of your comments about our show Après Ski. We’re pleased to see so much interest in the show but we also want to clear up any misconceptions. After each episode we do a Q&A with Joey Gibbons, which is designed to set the record straight. Please feel free to email us directly with any concerns, comments or questions about the show.

How do you think the first season panned out?

Joey: I felt like all of our guests had great experiences but the chemistry among the Gibbons Life team was not where it should have been. The team didn’t gel until the end of the season which initially caused a lot of drama.

People on social media were tweeting about how wild the guests were in Episode 8. Can you comment?

Joey: We get all different types of people coming to Whistler for an escape. Whistler is a lot of fun so, naturally, fun people like to travel here to have a wild time.

It was pretty cool that the guests got to go to a cabin in the mountains. Is this something that is easy to do in Whistler?

Joey: One of the most special and intimate things that you can do in Whistler is to go a remote cabin in the Alpine. This allows you to be alone in the mountains, which is very unique. The combination of fun parties in the village and exclusive experiences in the mountains is what makes Whistler so special.

If you knew at the beginning of the season what you know now, what would you do differently?

Joey: I would spend a lot more time doing due diligence while hiring to make sure that our team had the right chemistry.

A lot of people on social media want season 2 of Après Ski to happen. Would you want to film a second season of Après Ski?

Joey: Yes, I think that we are much more clear on the business model and have a better understating on what our guests are looking for. It would be awesome to be able to showcase that.

*Feature Photo: Mike Crane Photography

Joey Gibbons

He has been throwing great parties in the mountains ever since he was in high school. Now, as CEO of Gibbons, he is showing the world Whistler’s magic. Joey is passionate about his business and about his community, always looking for new ways to fuse the two together. He knows there is no better place to work and play and raise his family.