Ladies charging their champagne flutes.

We’re listening to all of your comments about our show Après Ski. We’re pleased to see so much interest in the show but we also want to clear up any misconceptions. After each episode we do a Q&A with Joey Gibbons, which is designed to set the record straight. Please feel free to email us directly with any concerns, comments or questions about the show.

In this episode, a guest requested to be set up on a date because she was eager to find love. Is ‘finding love’ something that’s common in Whistler?

Joey: It will blow your mind about how many people meet the love of their life in Whistler! It’s incredible how many people meet on the dance floor of Buffalo Bills or the patio at Longhorn and eventually get married. There must be something in our mountain air.

Did you grow up with Ashleigh McIvor?

Joey: Yes. I have known Ashleigh forever and she is a true leader in the ski cross sport. I once travelled with her to a competition at Sunshine Village, in Alberta, 15 years ago. I’ve known her forever. She is an ambassador for Whistler and has been incredible for our town.

On social media Elise keeps saying that she was trying to get a hold of you after filming. Is this true?

Joey: She never contacted me once. I like Elise as a person. There wasn’t an issue with her ability or who she was. The issue was that she didn’t get along with the team.

Buffalo Bills is featured this week. Why is it so famous?

Joey: Bills is famous for 2 things: The cage that everyone likes to dance in, and for hosting stagettes. Buffalo Bills is probably the #1 stagette establishment north of Vegas.

Javier, who works at the FireRock Lounge, is in this episode. I know you were nervous about having people on your team be on the show. How did he do?

Joey: Javier is a great guy and I think he was awesome. It sounds like ladies around the world were happy he was on it too!

Joey Gibbons

He has been throwing great parties in the mountains ever since he was in high school. Now, as CEO of Gibbons, he is showing the world Whistler’s magic. Joey is passionate about his business and about his community, always looking for new ways to fuse the two together. He knows there is no better place to work and play and raise his family.