The 6 Most Breathtaking Whistler Adventure Tours

Being in Whistler means surrounding yourself in beauty. Maybe you have been here before, maybe it is your first time, regardless there is no doubt that there are endless experiences to keep your eyes feasting on scenery and adventures to take your breath away time and time again. The following are our top 6 most breathtaking Whistler adventure tours you didn’t even know existed.

1. Winter Camping or Glamping

Whistler Blackcomb – 2 names, 2 mountains, but what most people do not realize is that between the two lay 13 glaciers, 14 other mountains and 25km of incredible backcountry skiing. Add in a bright, star-filled sky while nestled in mountain cold and it’s hard not to lose your breath over the beauty you encounter on a one to four night backcountry skiing and camping adventure on the Spearhead traverse. Extremely Canadian guides prepare and cater trips for advanced-intermediate or expert skiers with a desire to fully experience the great outdoors.

Ski touring between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

Grab your skis. With the right guide, incredible opportunities await you in the backcountry.

Alternatively, if you are someone who appreciates a more comfortable and luxurious expedition styled winter Whistler adventure tour, Headline’s Winter Glamping package is definitely for you. With helicopter transportation from your Whistler hotel to your secluded mountain “snowtel” you can save your energy for snowmobiling on the snowcaps or tackling glacial cave exploration by day and stargazing by the fireside with Indigenous storytellers by night.

For more glamping options, check out our post Glamping British Columbia: Roughing It With Style.

2. Diamond Tours

Next up in our top 6 Whistler adventure tours, the Diamond Tour from The Adventure Group.

It’s called a Diamond tour for a reason. From Whistler’s Valley to its peak and back down again, TAG makes sure you get a little taste of it all. Start your day getting deep into the backcountry via RZR where you will enjoy stunning mountain vistas, lush old growth forests and lakes you never knew about. From there hop in a heli to see some of Whistler’s highest peaks up close and stand on some of the bluest glaciers you have ever seen. If the helicopter ride and high mountain peaks were not enough to take your breath away, you can rest assured you will be gasping for air after your heli drops you at the top of Superfly, where you will then take a series of 4 of the world’s most scenic zip lines back down to the valley bottom.

The view from inside a helicopter while flying over Whistler.

The view from above. Helicopter is just one means of transport on your Diamond Tour with TAG.

3. Glacial Wakeboarding

Think a bit outside the box and do something you never thought possible. Whistler is the home of countless glacial lakes that boast stunning views. It’s one thing to walk up and simply enjoy them, but it’s another to bring a handful of friends and a handful of toys and make the most epic glacial hiking adventure imaginable. Barbecue, paddleboards, wake skate, firewood, wakeboards, winches, snacks, inflatable boats etc. Pack a box full of the items your heart desires most, have Blackcomb Helicopters drop it off at the top of your hike, and experience the most unique hiking destination party imaginable. Hard to fathom? We thought so too, until we did it, and man was it awesome! Head over to Whistler Alpine Activities, Helicopters and Beach Parties for epic video inspiration.

Fun, friends and good times at our Canadian beach party in the mountains!

Good times! Blackcomb Helicopters transported everything that we needed to create an epic mountain beach party.

4. Fon-Dude!

Looking for a Whistler adventure tour that satiates your appetite for fine food as much as it does your need for adventure?

Imagine you and a group of your closest friends hop on snowmobiles, or you and 18 of your friends jump in a snow cat, and travel 6000 ft up snow covered mountain terrain to the top of Crystal Chair. As you make your way up, the sun is setting behind the picturesque mountain backdrop while kissing the sky with beautiful alpenglow hues of oranges, purples, reds and pinks. Upon your arrival at Blackcomb’s iconic Crystal Hut you realize not only do you have the hut to yourself but the entire mountain as well. You warm up by the fire and enjoy a glass of wine while you wait for the Fondue dinner a la Whistler to get started. After the sun has gone down and you’ve stuffed yourself with a delicious feast of cheesy goodness, only the twinkle of Whistler Village below and the twinkle of the incredibly star lit sky above is left in eye sight. You’ll turn to your friends in sheer astonishment with the experience you’ve just had and there will only be one thing left to be said before “brapping” your way back down the mountain.

Snowmobile up to the Crystal Hut and enjoy fondue well into the night.

Snowmobiles and fondues. A winning combination, with epic views thrown in the mix, provide a truly memorable Whistler adventure.

5. Horseback Riding

When considering your options for venturing in and around Whistler’s peaks and valleys our immediate thoughts on getting you there are either by foot or motorized vehicle. How about a happy medium that allows to you cover more ground while keeping the peace and tranquillity Whistler’s forests and flowing creeks offer, and tour the mountains on horseback? Pemberton Stables offers a half-day tour in the Brew Creek area where you are bound to experience incredible views of the majestic Black Tusk as well as Whistler’s lake-filled valley below.

Horseback riding with mountain views.

Giddy up! For an adventure tour of the four-legged kind, check out Pemberton Stables.

6. Heli Hot Springs

How relaxing does a day at the spa sound? Now throw in a helicopter, a glacial walk, snow caving and a natural hot springs where your own personal masseuse awaits you. They help you relax, unwind and enjoy the sheer beauty of your private outdoor surroundings. Enjoy some appetizers prepared by your own personal chef and there is really nothing left to ask for. Headline Mountain Holidays is responsible for this Fire and Ice Wilderness Tour which does an exceptional job of exciting every one of your senses.

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Indulge in a private massage and hotspring experience in the mountains.

Elevated relaxation. Indulge and unwind with a hotspring and massage in the mountains.

Looking for Custom Whistler Adventure Tours? Gibbons Life Has You Covered

Thinking of something that these tours didn’t? Want to add that little je ne sais quoi to really make it your own? Get it touch with the Gibbons Life Team and they will do everything they can to make your wildest dreams come true. Whistler is the home of natural beauty and the list of luxurious, breathtaking and wild adventures is endless. As long as someone keeps thinking them up, we are here to make them happen. So, make your wildest Whistler adventure tours a reality and contact our expert Whistler concierge services today.

Brittia Thompson